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wrr review meme 1

Thought I would make a few Review Reminder memes specific to my own books. This is what I came up with. Just a start, but maybe tweeting these out or posting on FB now and then (but not a constant barrage) might remind folks to leave reviews if they’ve enjoyed my books. Sometimes something more specific helps, I think.

As you might guess, I’m feeling the pressure for not having had enough time to market my books lately. When I’ve only got a short time toΒ play, sometimes graphics are easier than trying to get into writing a scene. Β But I’m still experimenting, here.

Thoughts on this idea? Or the memes themselves? Just curious.

Riverbend meme1

27 thoughts on “Review Reminder Memes

    • Thanks, Kass! I’m so glad you think it’s a good idea, and I was hoping these memes I’ve been sharing would inspire some of you to try a few for yourselves. I have fun making them, and if they garner even ONE more review, they are worth the small time investment to me. πŸ™‚


  1. What a great idea, Marcia – only one small point – I recommend you leave off the .com and just say Amazon – because apart from USA, books in english are read worldwide. The other main english language (native and official) countries are UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more πŸ˜€

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  2. What a great idea, Marcia! I use memes for promo tweets and FB ads, but I never considered doing one for a reviews. Yours look great and are an excellent reminder for readers.I’m going to have to find time to make some of my own!

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    • Thanks, Mae. I love doing little graphics for this and that, and it’s a nice way to relax between writing scenes. Chris mentioned I should change “” to “Amazon,” and I did so. I’ve corrected all twelve or so of my memes to that, so that it doesn’t leave people with the impression that the books aren’t available in other countries. From now on, I’ll remember to do it that way. πŸ™‚

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  3. Great memes Marsh. I think it’s a great idea to post around social media. Don’t get me started on behind. I’m publishing a new book in 2 weeks that I hadn’t even had time to do any promoting for. How bad is that? I managed to work on a post about it for tomorrow. Lol, it’s like out of thin air a new book appears without much pre-buzz. I need a clone! πŸ™‚ x

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    • And again, we understand each other. I published The Emissary right after Hurricane Irma turned our lives upside down, and have done almost no promotion at all. No fanfare. Only one or two guest blogs, and that’s about it. As a result, it is languishing, and I really think it could find a strong audience. Those who’ve read it, loved it, but as you say, without that extra push from us to promote our books, it’s very hard to get a new one noticed. I’m hoping to rectify that in the days ahead, now that work is commencing on the garage. (Repair estimate, now almost $75,000! OMG. It never stops!

      The good news is, as I say, it’s underway, and the REALLY good news is, we got the Honda back today!! After struggling with one old car for nearly ten weeks, we have a vehicle again that Mark can trust to get him to and from work (50 miles round trip) every day. And I have the old car, suitable for running errands and grocery shopping. Woohooo. Progress! πŸ˜€

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      • We seem to be 2 promoteless peas right now. But I think I will work on a sale promo this weekend for one of my other books for the holidays. And Marsh, if you would like to write a post about your new book and perhaps talk about exactly what we’re talking about here – our crazy busy lives and interruptions and just us alone to market our work, I’d be most happy to have you over! But so glad to hear you have your Honda back, and oucheee on 75K, I sure hope insurance will eat all of it! ❀

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        • Thanks, Deb. Will get back to you on the post offer, for sure. And thanks, too, for the S.O. (Sympathy Oucheee) on the $75,000. I believe we will only be out our deductible, but holy moly! It boggles my mind that a tree could do so much damage. At the end, though, we will have a brand new roof, and we will also paint the house to match the new garage, so it will be looking spiffy! πŸ˜€ Good luck on your sale! ❀

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    • Ha. I SO understand! Even though I’m not working full time at an outside job, I only have so many writing years ahead of me, and I want to use them WRITING. Doh! Plus with all that’s going on after the hurricane, my time is really limited. But marketing is still essential. These books won’t put themselves in front of possible readers. We have to find ways to do it, and memes are one possibility. Hope mine have inspired you, though these have been corrected per a suggestion by Chris, above. They now read “Leave Reviews on Amazon,” without the “.com” part. Better idea! πŸ˜€

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