My #Halloween Reading Suggestions For Top Ten Tuesday #TuesdayBookBlog

Check out Rosie Amber’s great list of spooky reads. Very cool list, and I was surprised (happily so) to find a really familiar title about half way down. Hint: it mentions Swamps. And Ghosts. 😀 Do take a look at ALL the titles she’s suggesting, though. I’m putting several on my TBR list. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Rosie Amber

This week I’m joining in with a Halloween Special Top Ten Tuesday

For more information on Top Ten Tuesdays and the weekly meme themes check out The Broke and the Bookish Blog

233518771) The Dead Detective by J.R. Rain

I liked the fact this was fun with great ghosts and zombies

Medical-school-dropout police detective Richelle Dadd is… well, dead.
But that won’t stop her from trying to hold on to her house in a divorce battle with a bitter husband. Or keep her from digging into her own murder, to discover who put the bullet into her heart. And it certainly won’t stand in the way of finding out the reason she’s been reanimated as a zombie assassin, no longer in control of her life.
Richelle will face off against Gypsy shamans, double-crossing ghosts, a partner she can’t trust, and her own undead nature in a journey into the depths…

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4 thoughts on “My #Halloween Reading Suggestions For Top Ten Tuesday #TuesdayBookBlog

    • Always happy to share, Rosie, especially when I find out I’m part of the list, too! 😀 So much fun for what was a very busy, stressful day. Made me feel great!! AND I found out about some books I really need to read! 🙂 ❤


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