Nottingham University #ShortStoryCompetition #winner – yours truly!

I want to share my exciting news with you lovely people – there’s a complete story to be read at the end of the post, so please, hop on over! BTW, I’m not telling what genre the story is, as that would give it away…


A couple of months ago, my University (Nottingham) newsletter announced a short story competition for alumni. How could I resist?

The story was to be set on one of the campuses, and had a limit of 2000 words. Quite a challenge for someone accustomed to writing fantasy novels of epic length, but I decided to have a go, and chose a setting I knew well – the Sutton Bonington campus library, where I studied for so many hours, writing assignments for my mammalian physiology degree.

Drawing on my experiences writing for various magazines, I found hitting the word count less difficult than expected, and in due course, submitted two stories (the other set in the student’s bar – perhaps one for another post…), and then forgot about it.

A week or so ago, I remembered it, checked the Uni boards but found no mention of the competition, and chalked it up to experience, then forgot about it again.

So imagine my surprise…

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