News on #TheEmissary

“Ancient and overworked Warrior Angel hires a modern-day, recently-expired
trucker to help souls in peril. First week on the job, and he’s already in
trouble with the boss.”

Woohoo! Yesterday, I finished the draft of my upcoming novella, The Emissary. (You can read an unedited excerpt here.)

Those of you who are up to date on my Riverbend series, will know that Gabe Angelino played a small but pivotal role in Finding Hunter, as the trucker who brought Hunter Painter home to Willow, probably saving his life. He appears only in one short scene, but Willow has always believed he was a real angel.

I received so many questions about this mystery man and his possible angelic status, I decided his story needed to be told. The result is The Emissary, and I’m super excited to be moving into the editing phase, already. The feedback from my betas has been wonderful, so I’m crossing my fingers the book will be well received. A series of Emissary novellas might be in the works.

 In spite of the things that go bump in the night on Wake-Robin Ridge, this will be my first foray into what feels like Urban Fantasy, or perhaps Urban Fantasy Lite. I’m a bit nervous about that, but mostly, excited. Can’t wait to get this one out there, hopefully by October. Look for future updates right here on The Write Stuff!

20 thoughts on “News on #TheEmissary

    • It CAN act as a standalone, in this case, since Gabe Angelino isn’t a resident of Riverbend, and no character other than Hunter is even mentioned. Even the mention of Hunter is very, very brief. But I think reading Finding Hunter and That Darkest Place first is a good way to go, since this story takes place after Gabe’s one scene in FH. (Now I’ve confused myself! Ha.) I’ll just be happy to have you read any of my books, any time you want, and that’s the truth! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Robbie. I’ve never written a book in six weeks before, so this was an eye-opening experience. Of course, all of my books are longer than is popular these days, and this was not. (12 chapters, probably about 125 pages or so). I think I enjoy the novella format! 🙂

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    • Thanks for the endorsement, Mae! I hope so, because I have fallen in love with the main characters, and I really want to revisit them on their mission. 😀 And because it’s just plain fun to write. Oh, and guess what? I’m finally reading A Desolate Hour, and enjoying it, so far. Quentin has just arrived in Point Pleasant, and I’m sure the game will soon be afoot. Or possibly a-wing, if Mothman flutters by. 😀

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    • Aren’t they pretty? I’m always looking for Florida (or Florida-style) images for the header, except when there’s something going on that cries out for a themed one. I’m not sure what these are or where they live, but I love the color, so we’re pretending they are on a Florida reef, even if they aren’t. 😀

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    • Oh, believe me, this is a first! It usually takes me about six months for my full length novels. That Darkest Place took a bit longer, but it was the longest thing I’ve written. I’m lovin’ this six weeks stuff! 😀


    • Yes, but I have no other life, Deb. *sniff* I’m chained to the computer 24/7. Almost. 😉 My house is a mess and my garden is worse. I’ve been trying for two months to meet a friend for lunch, and can’t make it happen. And now, I just found out my audio book is ready for me to read. TEN HOURS worth!!! When the heck do I have TEN HOURS to devote to reading??? And I can’t approve it, if I haven’t read it. That’s the rule. And it’s a good one, but . . . TEN HOURS??? Quick, tell me. Am I having fun yet???? 😀 😀 😀

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      • Hey girlfriend. I’m sorry to tell you, I know the feeling of having no life, letting other things slide and living on the computer. My hub goes to work I’m on it, he comes home, I’m still in pj’s on it, I make him dinner, and back on, he goes to bed, I’m still on. Lol, we signed up for it! I haven’t done audio books yet for that reason lol. It’s enough when I have to read my book over 20 times in revisions, til the point I’m sick of it LOL. Imagine those writers who write epic tomes! 🙂 🙂 xx

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        • OKay, so I can’t have a Pity Party, after all. But tell me this . . . does your husband actually KNOW that you work far more hours a week than he does? And that it may be a different kind of work, but it’s just as hard and just as tiring? And that you STILL have to do dinner, laundry, shopping, more laundry, vacuuming, and another load of laundry???? If so, you are a LUCKY woman. 😀 I’m just sayin’ . . . . . .

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          • Well, he doesn’t complain, but has no concept as to what the heck I’m doing 18 hours a day on the computer. As long as he doesn’t complain about the sloppy services at home, I’m going with ‘ignorance is bliss’ LOL 🙂 Marsh, nobody understands our world except another writer. ❤

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