Does anyone know why I can’t add a title to my posts today? In either of WordPress’s editors? I’m getting very frustrated!

NOTE: Okay, this one worked, so maybe it has to do with the image I posted. Perhaps I’ll try another. GAH. I hate it when my tech doesn’t work!!

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  1. Oh yeah! I was working with a web designer today on trying to get a new author web page up and we waited … and waited … and waited for WordPress to upgrade my plan. We finally just backed out and lo and behold, they sent a message that I owed nothing, yet when we went to look at the plan I suddenly had the upgraded plan! Go figure? I checked my credit card it had been charged only once. The same thing happened when we tried to get the domain name. The email they sent me says I have the domain name, but the web site never did acknowledge this. Something fishy going on at WordPress. Oh and I got your Memorial Day message about 4 times. Thanks for that, but I don’t think you meant to do that.

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    • Well, that was the problem, Marie. It wouldn’t put the post up with a title, so I had to delete and try again, and while it was still NOT putting it up correctly (and never did), it kept sending out the notices for each incorrect, deleted post. Sorry about that, but it was happening on their end, not mine. 😦 The post is still sitting here on the blog with NO title, and no way to leave comments under it. I have no idea why, as each other post I put up behaved properly. GAH. Crazy doings, if you ask me. 🙂


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