Bear with me. I’m trying to see why I couldn’t add a title of any sort to my Memorial Day image. So, here’s an experimental image, instead. This is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden the Wizard Cat. He won’t mind if I experiment with him. He’s already sulking over our new kittens! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Experiment

    • I have no idea, but I even tried deleting the Memorial Day post, and reposting it 3 or 4 times, from scratch, and it never would let me post it correctly. I have up. The next few posts went fine, so who knows what the issue was. Perhaps I’ll try again later. Or I’ll just give up, and delete the post, altogether. I hate when stuff like this happens. It’s hard enough to find time to post at all, much less to end up spending 45 minutes on a 5-minute project. 😦 Thanks, Olga.


  1. Harry is an adorable kitty! 🙂

    Sometimes, Blogger gives me trouble, too. One time, the site changed the font colors on my blog to bright blue. I think Google was making changes and things got goofed up for a while. I contacted Blogger about the issue; a few weeks later, everything was back to normal.

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    • I’ve had glitches like that happen before, but never with just ONE post that would NOT let me put the title at the top, no matter what I did. I even deleted it and started from scratch, 3 times, but nope. It was just weird, I tell ya! 😀 But hey. In the grand scheme of things, not such a serious deal, I guess. Just frustrating when I was wanting to do a special Memorial Day post, and couldn’t. 😦


  2. A couple of weeks ago, I was unable to type the letters “l” or “r” in the space for a blog post title. I got around it by typing the title in the space for the post text, then cutting and pasting it into the title space. Weird, eh? WP gremlins at work.

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    • Ha. Maybe they wanted your post to be less about YOU??? Hahahaha. Never had that happen before. But then again, I never typed a post title in, and had it disappear completely when the post showed up. After many tries, it finally showed up UNDER the post, as a typed line. ?????? Now and then, those gremlins just go crazy. We should give them a REAL job, so they’ll leave us alone! 😀

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