Guest author: Marcia Meara – That Darkest Place – New release! Offers and excerpt

Today, I’m pleased to let you know that I’m a guest on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, a lovely blog and a great place to visit. I hope you’ll stop by and see what Forrest Painter has to say about the whole thing. (He’s introducing an excerpt from That Darkest Place, which features him trying to figure out how to begin a real relationship.) Hope you’ll enjoy it, and pass it along. Thanks!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Thank you for another wonderful opportunity to chat with your followers, Sue. I’m so pleased to be here, today, to announce the release of my latest book, That Darkest Place: Riverbend Book 3.

I’m so excited about this one, I thought I’d share a short, non-spoilery excerpt from the book for your amusement, and have Forrest Painter, the middle Painter boy, set it up for you.

“You ready, Forrest??

“Aw, hell. You know I’m no good at this kinda stuff. Even with you to put words in my mouth, I mess things up. Why can’t Hunter do it? You gave him the gift of sayin’ things right, not me.”

“That’s because I made you the sexy one, remember? I think you can do this, though. Or do you want me to get testimonials from half the women in Riverbend?”

“No! If you put it like that, I’ll do it. You…

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7 thoughts on “Guest author: Marcia Meara – That Darkest Place – New release! Offers and excerpt

    • It was my pleasure, Sue. I really enjoyed putting that together for you. Forrest, tell her you enjoyed it, too.

      “What? Enjoyed it? You made me do it!” Grumble, mumble. “I enjoyed it like you enjoy a toothache when it goes away.”

      Pay no attention to him, Sue. He’s just mad because he’s worried Bailey might be interested in someone else. 😀


    • Thanks, Mae. I had fun letting Forrest “out” for Sue. I try to do something different for each guest blog, and I figured an excerpt would work for her, but I wanted to let readers see a hint of who Forrest Painter is, along the way. I really should have scheduled more than two guest posts, but as usual, time got away from me. I have to do better with that! Note to Self: Stop letting Time run amok!! 🙂

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