#SwampGhosts Presentation at DeBary Hall 5/20/17

“Big Blue”
Opening Slide from My Swamp Ghosts Presentation

On May 20, 2017, I’ll be doing my favorite presentation at DeBary Hall Historic Site, and if you are in the area, I’d love to see you there. This talk features many beautiful photographs of the St. Johns River basin habitat, including birds and wildlife of the area. There is also a brief introduction to albino and leucistic alligators, and a section on the easiest way to ID the very few snakes in our area that you do not want to handle. The last section covers a bit on how I write, my inspiration board photos, and the challenges of starting a brand new career at a time when most are thinking about retirement.

I always include plenty of time for Questions & Answers during and after the presentation, and I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a whole lotta laughin’ going’ on! 🙂 This is a fun event, and if you can possibly come, please do! Meeting new readers is my favorite thing in the world, next to writing books for them. Here’s the pertinent information for those who’d like  to  attend:

Location: DeBary Hall Historic Site, 198 Sunrise Blvd, DeBary, FL 32713
(386) 668-3840
Time: 2:00 PM, Saturday, May 20, 2017
Cost: FREE, No Reservations Required


19 thoughts on “#SwampGhosts Presentation at DeBary Hall 5/20/17

    • I think folks do enjoy it, Staci. Everyone seems to be laughing a lot, anyway, and I often get thanked for including info they didn’t know before. But my main goal is for everybody to have a great afternoon. Wish you could come, too. And maybe this time, I’ll remember to take some photos! 😀

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  1. It sounds like so much fun, Marcia! I bet you give an awesome presentation.
    Love the photo of the leucistic alligator. That’s a great one to open your presentation.

    Wishing you a wonderful time. Like Staci, I look forward to hearing about it and seeing photos! 🙂

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    • Wish you could come, too, Mae. I’d love to see your smiling face in the crowd! Thanks for the well wishes, and I will try my best to take a few good pics to share with you guys after. I get so caught up with the group, the slides, the questions, and the fun, I always seem to forget them, but I’ll try to do better! 🙂

      SO glad you like Big Blue. What a specimen. You may not remember from the book, but there are only 14 known leucistic alligators in the WORLD, and 4 of them reside not far from me, in Gatorland Zoo. I still haven’t gotten down there to see them, but I plan to. If I make it, I will be SURE to take pictures of that, I promise! 🙂

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  2. I saw that presentation when Marcie spoke at our Book Club in DeLand’s Victoria Gardens. Everyone loved it !!! Don’t miss this chance to learn a lot—and have fun !

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    • I don’t, Judith. Sorry. You know, talking to a room full of readers doesn’t make me nervous at all, but having a camera on would be a game changer. I’m pretty sure I’d freeze. But who knows? Maybe someday. Wish you could join us, though. That would be FUN!

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  3. I prefer talking to a group face to face. I’m giving a talk to the NationaL Women’s Register Conferenceon Saturday. But I do work for an online tv company sometimes. This is the link for Cover to Cover – interviewing authors: http://showboat.tv/index.html This is the blurb if you wanted to find it: “Cover To Cover” is a weekly panel discussion show where authors gather to discuss each others works and publications. Each week, host Judith Barrow is joined by authors from a variety of genres, discussing the works and inspirations of their “guest writer”.
    To be a guest author, or to be appear on the panel of a future episode, email contact@showboat.tv. Thought you might be interested. Judithx

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      • I would love to, Marcia, if you think anyone would be interested in it. I’m away tomorrow to stay with our daughter who loves in Cardiff – where the conference is – it’s only eighty miles away but it gives us a chance to stay overnight with them. Will chat after the weekend with ideas; see what you think. Thank you.so much. judith x

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        • Great! That’s what I love most about this blog. Sharing these sorts of things with each other. I’m betting several of our writers would be very interested in doing this. Heck, I might even give it serious consideration, too. So, yes, contact me when you get back, and we’ll definitely do it. 🙂

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