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Definitely going to try this when I finish publishing That Darkest Place. Harmony’s instructions are very easy to understand. Check it out. 🙂

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Hello SEers! Harmony here 🙂

Today, I’d like to take a look at how to offer autographs on your digital books using Authorgraph. Also, you can get this service embedded on your blog/website rather easily. How cool is that?

With Authorgraph, you can send, request, or receive author autographs. It’s easy to sign up (for FREE) using this link:

This takes you to a page that looks like this:

Once you’ve signed in, you have a few options:

You can add all of your ebooks, as long as you have them listed on the Amazon platform. You will need an Amazon ASIN for each book, which you can find in a number of places such as your KDP account books page or your book sales page. Once you have that, then input it as so …

And click on ‘Add Book’.

Repeat this for each of your Amazon ebooks.

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11 thoughts on “Digital Book Signing

    • So do you have an idea of the percentage of buyers who request an authorgraph? I’d do it, regardless, because if you make one reader happy, it’s probably worth the effort. But I’m curious. 🙂

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      • To be honest Marsh, I haven’t had many requests, a few yes. But I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s not had enough popularity despite that fact it’s been around for awhile. I learned about it from my author mentor who showed me the ropes in self publishing after I published my first book. I”ve written a few posts about it, I have the widget on the sidebar of my blog page, yet people don’t notice. It’s free to sign up your books to so there’s nothing to lose. I suppose we could add something to the back of our books directing readers to authorgraph if they’d like a digital autograph? 🙂

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        • That’s a thought. It could actually go in the Call to Action at the very end of my books. I have a paragraph immediately following “The End” in which I tell the reader I hope they enjoyed the book, and ask them to consider leaving a review on Amazon. It could go right there. It could also go in the Author’s Notes, but a lot of people skip those. (I wouldn’t miss them for the world. I learn all kinds of interesting things from other writers in those, and in mine, I also give a bit of detailed info on some of the things mentioned in my books.)

          As for how many authorgraphs are requested, I think the important thing is, when a reader asks me for something, I do my best to give it to them. Even if they’re the only one asking. Certainly a freebie like this would be no trouble at all, and if it makes a reader happy, why not? 🙂

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          • That’s the way I see it Marsh. When I do get requests, they are emails from authorgraph, informing me that ‘so and so’ has requested your authorgraph for their book. Also, authorgraph sends weekly statistics of how my books are ranking on Amazon. They are really efficient. I’m pretty sure they are making a tiny profit off affiliate links, but who cares? It doesn’t come out of my end and they do the work right? When you sign up you add all your books and as you publish each new one you just add. If you want to see what it looks like in real time, you can go to my FB author page and click on it on my sidebar. Did you know you can add it to your FB author page? Then people can click on your books right from your FB page. 🙂 Also on my blog sidebar. 🙂

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