The Write Place

Fun post at Story Empire today. Joan talks about making a special place for writing, and the comments are interesting. Check it out! 🙂

Story Empire

Hello, SE Readers. Joan here on this first day of May. Can anyone tell me what happened to April?  It seems to have disappeared…

Anyhow, today I want to talk about having a dedicated place in which to write.

A few weeks ago, fellow Story Empire author Craig Boyack mentioned he was going to retreat into his writing cabin. I immediately responded that I would love to have a small cabin just for writing. That’s when I learned his place wasn’t an actual cabin, but an area in his home where he retreats to write.

Okay, I admit to having a fascination with cabins. So much that I have an entire Pinterest Board titled “I’d Like to Write Here.” It has photos of cabins (and a few other spots) that I think would make ideal writing places. Oh to have such a place where I could be free…

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