Embedding Amazon Previews on Your Website

I never even knew about this option! One more thing I’m going to be doing on my blog soon. (Eeep. The list is growing!) Thanks for a great post, Harmony, and you guys really need to check this one out!

Story Empire

Hello, SEers! Harmony here πŸ™‚

Recently, I had to update my webpage to reflect a book release due out soon. I realised that I had forgotten completely how to make the book previews that I’d done for my other books, lols. So, good old Google came to the rescue. Then I thought that it might be useful for folks if I outlined the process of Embedding Amazon Book Previews into your website here. If you know all this already, then of course feel free to ignore me! The other benefit of sharing this is that, in writing it all out, it might actually embed in this brain of mine! (Miracles have been known to happen.)

Happily, unlike donating digital gifts (including ebooks), this feature works on both Amazon UK as well as Amazon US. Yay! (Sorry, but being in the UK, that’s one of my gripes, ha ha.)

Anyhooooo …

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5 thoughts on “Embedding Amazon Previews on Your Website

    • I have to wonder how many (like me) only knew about linking. Now I want to embed. I hope I have time to do some of these things when I finish the last of my current editing process. Great post!

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