Let’s take this show on the road!

Look what’s rolling out, starting tomorrow–the Story Empire Roadshow Bookmobile tour! There are giveaways at most every stop, reduced prices on a treasure-trove of fabulous ebooks and grand prizes when the week wraps up. Hop on the bookmobile and join us, starting on Monday, April 3rd!

Story Empire

Hey gang, Craig here. As you know, Story Empire is a cooperative effort of six talented authors. We try to bring you some wonderful content on this blog, but we’re all authors, too. Doing a bit of collaborative promotion is part of the deal.

This week we’re going on the Story Empire Roadshow. All six of us are doing a blog tour, there will be some deep discounts on our books, and maybe a few freebies along the way. Watch for the Story Empire Bookmobile out in blogland, and tell your friends about it. You might find some wonderful new blogs to follow, too.

For myself, I’m doing some discounts on my books, and giving a couple away, but you’ll have to follow the tour to get the exact dates. At the end, the two most prolific commenters will win some awesome coffee mugs I had made with a graphic…

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6 thoughts on “Let’s take this show on the road!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mae! I think we were probably posting at the same time. This is a cool idea, and I’ll be heading over to read the entire post very shortly. (Been doing some long overdue yard work, and am covered in dirt from head to toe. But my priorities are straight. I checked my email before heading to the shower!) 😀

    Thanks again for sharing!

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