#NotesFromTheRiver – When Is a Little Blue Heron NOT a Little Blue Heron?

(Photo by Doug Little)

When he’s a calico heron, of course! 🙂 This week’s #NotesFromTheRiver post is up, for those who’ve been following along on this trek into the wild places of Florida, to explore the birds, reptiles, and other critters we share our state with. Hope some of you will enjoy checking it out.

#NotesFromTheRiver – Calico Herons

8 thoughts on “#NotesFromTheRiver – When Is a Little Blue Heron NOT a Little Blue Heron?

    • I’ll just have to work hard to change your mind. They are absolutely fascinating, and so much of what people think about them is wrong. 🙂 We’ll see if you can have a change of heart. ❤

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  1. What an amazing transformation for those cute punk chicks!
    Looking forward to the upcoming reptile post 😀

    BTW, I had a look but I can’t see where to sign up to post comments, only where to login once you are signed up.

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    • It’s been my experience that baby birds (with the exception of gallinaceous birds likes chicks and ducklings) are not the cutest of babies. 🙂 Sometimes, they are downright . . . dare I say it? . . . UGLY. 😀 Okay, maybe so ugly, they’re cute.

      If you click on the Log In button, it will let you sign in there, and if you tell it to remember you, it will, but only for a few days. So by the next week’s post, you usually have to log in again. Sorry. Wish it were a WordPress blog, but I didn’t set it up. I’m still having trouble getting the text to behave when I post. 😦 Thanks for trying, Debby. Next time, see if it doesn’t work that way for you.

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        • Did you try posting anyway, to see if it would just “hold it for moderation?” Because I approve those instantly, so that would work, too. ?? If you tried that, too, then I’m at a loss, and will have to try to contact the girl that built the website for Doug. It’s not very intuitive about some things, but there has to be a way, because for a while there, folks were posting with no problem, as long as I approved their comments. Let me know if you have a chance to check it out (maybe next week). I’ll find some way to get you in.


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