10 Unusual Things I Know About Bookworms

Lovely post from Jenny Hansen’s blog. Do you recognize yourself in here? 🙂

Jenny Hansen's Blog

Photo credit: Hunter Emkay ~ WANA Commons

It’s National Reading Month, which is my favorite time of year, since I am a bookworm. We’re a club with specific characteristics and one thing is certain: bookworms find other bookworms. They simply must, so they can find out about more cool books.

Bookworms have been devouring books for as long as they can remember – for story, for new worlds and new ideas. Their To Be Read piles are taller than a small child. Their favorite authors and characters become friends.

If you are a bookworm, there are things that I know about you that I don’t know about the other readers I meet:

1. I know you read odd things in odd places.
If you are stuck somewhere without a book, you will begin reading any words available – shampoo bottles, food labels, billboard signs. Whatever. Books and magazines are preferred, but in a pinch, any words will smooth your soul.

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5 thoughts on “10 Unusual Things I Know About Bookworms

        • Indeed. I don’t get NEAR enough book talk these days. I’d like to spend a whole afternoon, drinking Earl Grey and talking about all my favorite books, preferably with someone who isn’t snoring while I go on and on about this character or that. And who could also tell me about what they’ve been reading, and why I should immediately start on those books, as well. 🙂 Now THAT would be a great afternoon!


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