This Week’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Tricolored Herons – What’s In a Name?


For those who have been following my Wednesday nature posts on the St. Johns River Eco Tour blog, here’s the link to today’s, which compares the tricolored heron to the little blue heron, and shows you an easy way to  identify which one is which. (Thanks for the idea, Kass.)

#NotesFromTheRiver Tricolored Herons

6 thoughts on “This Week’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Tricolored Herons – What’s In a Name?

    • In the world of nature, slate gray is frequently called blue. The great blue heron and the little blue heron are both a slate gray, if you ask people who paint for a living. (I once did.) But it isn’t an uncommon usage, at all. Just confusing. And don’t even get me started on the little green heron, which we always used to say was called that because he had very little green on him. 😀 (I do think he’s now just the “green heron,” which makes it even worse. Because there’s STILL very little green on him.) 😀 Ornithologists. Go figger. (And I say this as someone who was very good friends with one of the best, before his passing.)

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  1. Actually, calling gray blue isn’t limited to birds and wildlife, either. For instance, a Russian blue cat is really, you guessed it, slate gray. I could probably find a lot of examples in the world of domestic animals, if I had the time to explore a bit more. Makes ya wonder.


  2. Such gorgeous pictures, and love the idea of ornithologists changing the names because they have too much time on their hands. Which, of course, they do!
    Didn’t have time to leave a comment over there – so much quicker on here!

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    • Thanks, Debby! I believe you can sign in and ask it to remember you over there so you don’t have to do it every time. But I think it has a VERY SHORT memory. Sorry. I have to do it, too every couple of days, and I know it’s a pain. But hearing from you here is great, as well. Thanks! And I’m only HALF joking about the ornithologists. 😀 😀 😀 GACK!! Since I’ve been birding, the tallest of our egrets has undergone THREE name changes!! American egret, common egret, and now, great egret. Eeep. Wait until I get into the Lumpers and the Splitters.

      Thank goodness it’s a lot harder to change a Latin name! 😀

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