This Week’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Wednesday Wonders


New feature on #NotesFromTheRiver: great photos by Doug Little. Light on narrative, BIG on beauty. I’ll be doing these now and then, just for fun! Hope you’ll check this one out, and share with your friends. Thanks!

#NotesFromTheRiver 2/22/07

9 thoughts on “This Week’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Wednesday Wonders

    • Thanks, Kass. When tri-colored herons aren’t in breeding plumage, they look more like little blue herons, and the easiest way to tell them apart at a glance, is because the tri-coloreds (once known as Louisiana herons) have a white strip down their necks, from under the bill to the breast. I’ll surely be posting more pictures of them, so you can see what I mean.

      My favorite wading bird is the reddish egret, not only because it’s quite handsome, but because of it’s habit of “canopy feeding.” It stretches out its wings, and runs in circles in shallow water, chasing fish. The stretched wings shade the water, so the little fish are more visible. Clever, eh? Hopefully, I’ll get some good pics of them, too, though I think they prefer the brackish water of estuaries and bays to freshwater rivers and lakes.

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