#StJohnsRiverEcoTour Tomorrow!


Off on a Meet the Author Eco-Tour, with a group of local readers tomorrow, aboard the Naiad. This is one of the most fun things I’ve been lucky enough to take part in. Captain Jeanne Bell and hubby, wildlife photographer Doug Little have been so supportive of me and my books, and these tours are just the best!

We might see these:

Swallow-tailed Kite

Or these:

Barred Owl

And certainly, these:

Baby Gators

But if we see one of THESE:

Florida Black Bear

…you’ll hear me hollerin’ all the way to wherever you are! (Still haven’t seen one in the wild, after all my many years of birding, hiking, and canoeing in Florida.)

Have a great Saturn’s Day, everyone, and I’ll check in with you when I return to civilization again! ­čÖé



Great Egret
Photo by Doug Little – St. Johns River EcoTours

Sunday seems a good day to share things that inspire me, particularly when I write, so I’m hereby declaring it #InspirationBoardSunday on #TheWriteStuff. In the weeks ahead, expect to see some beautiful photos of things I find especially inspiring. (And no, they won’t all be of Chris Hemsworth as either #GunnarWolfe OR #Thor. I promise. No, really . . . I mean it. They won’t . . . hardly ever. )

The truth is, beauty surrounds us, even in times when you think the world has gone mad. I figure it never hurts to remind ourselves of that. Here in central Florida, a land known for the element of make-believe, there are still vast areas of mysterious and incredibly lovely┬ánatural habitat, where birds and wildlife still hold sway. When all else fails, I look to them for inspiration, and they haven’t let me down, yet. Hope you’ll enjoy my #InspirationBoardSunday feature, and the places it might take your mind.

Florida Panther

#SwampGhosts Meet the Author Eco-Tour


Off for an afternoon on the fabulous St. Johns River with a group of folks from a local book club. I really love doing all of these events here in central Florida, but a river cruise has got to be right at the top of the list. What could be more fun than a relaxing ride on the St. Johns, watching the birds and gators and manatees? Sharing it with fellow book lovers, that’s what!

You guys have a great weekend, and tomorrow, I’ll be letting you know what’s in store for the weeks ahead. Write on!