THE PRINCE’S SON – Gold Star #Winner! #TheBookDesigner #ebook #cover awards

Thanks for sharing all those beautiful fantasy book covers, Marcia, and while we are on the subject of book covers, I have some great news!




We won a gold star!

If you haven’t yet discovered and Joel’s monthly ebook cover awards, I can only say: “Why not?”

It’s probably the most regular education on offer for learning about what does, and what doesn’t, work for ebook cover design. Every month, around 100 people enter their ebook covers, in all genres, for Joel’s uncompromising view. I suggest learning – a lot – before putting your cover up for scrutiny, and the simplest way to do that is to subscribe, and each month study the covers and read Joel’s advice (and criticism).

He selects two winners each month – one fiction and one non-fiction, and the covers that were considered for this accolade but didn’t quite make it, are awarded a gold star in recognition – and this month that’s what THE PRINCE’S SON earned!

I’m thrilled with Joel’s comments on the cover: “JF:Gorgeous and dynamic. Looks like a winner.”

You can find this month’s…

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11 thoughts on “THE PRINCE’S SON – Gold Star #Winner! #TheBookDesigner #ebook #cover awards

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! 😀 ❤ I'm so glad you shared this here, Debby! I saw it late last night, and planned to ask you to share with us, or reblog it, myself. This is a lovely accolade, and I'm so pleased for you. I'm tweeting and sharing everywhere I can, and with any luck at all, will be starting on The Prince's Son within the next few days! And the cover IS lovely! Full of all the things you want on a fantasy cover, too, especially our dashing hero. (I'm big on those, as the Robin Hobb cover might indicate.) 🙂 A dashing hero on a HORSE is even better!! 😀

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  2. Deb, so happy for you. I meant to tell you last week when I saw you won the star. Yay for you. Now both of us have finally won that gold star! Imagine we both were so close to pulling off the big win, but that star means a lot so CONGRATS! 🙂

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