Goodreads #Giveaway: A Cold Tomorrow by Mae Clair #Mothman #PointPleasant Book 2

I thought I’d share the Goodreads giveaway my publisher has going on for A COLD TOMORROW, the second book in my Point Pleasant series. It can be read as a stand alone, and is centered around the urban legend of the Mothman, mysterious Men in Black and UFOs.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

December is approaching, and with it, the release of book 2 in my Point Pleasant saga,  A Cold Tomorrow. In anticipation of the December 20th release, Kensington Publishing is running a Goodreads giveaway for residents in the US and Canada. This is your chance to win a print copy of the book while helping a hard-working author out in the process.

Er…that would be me, folks. 🙂

GR giveaways do wonders for getting books noticed with increased exposure, so I hope you’ll take a moment to hop over and enter. It will be a huge help to me, so please accept my gratitude in advance.

I’m currently busily working on book 3 of the series, but I have a special fondness for book 2. I’ve heard many writers find the middle book the most difficult to write. I didn’t encounter that problem, but it could be due to my fondness for the subject matter—UFOs, Men in Black…

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7 thoughts on “Goodreads #Giveaway: A Cold Tomorrow by Mae Clair #Mothman #PointPleasant Book 2

  1. Can’t wait for this one, Mae! I’m dying to find out the truth behind Mothman! Thanks for sharing, and I hope a lot of people will be checking this out.

    I still don’t have my computer, but possibly today. They are working extra hard to try to save my emails, which is super important to me. They’re having trouble exporting them, but they think they found a workaround. So hopefully I will get the computer today, and begin the long process of setting everything up again. In the meantime great news on your new book!

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  2. Thanks for the interest in A COLD TOMORROW, Marcia. And I’m glad to hear that you’re getting closer to being back in computer mode again. I know it takes a long time to get everything back the way it should be, but just having a computer again will be a huge relief, I’m sure. Fingers crossed you get it today!

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    • Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed here! I am a lost soul without that computer. It’s my lifeline to all my friends, to all my blogs, and to my heart and soul, my books! I can’t write, and I feel lost! I have no idea what those bad boys in Riverbend are up to without me to keep them in line! 😀

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  3. YAY! Thanks so much, Linda!

    Here’s a bit of trivia for you:
    The term “Men in Black” was actually coined by the late author John Keel because of the amount of MIBs who descended on Point Pleasant during the Mothman sightings. I thought that was interesting! 🙂


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