No News Is … No News!

Could be good. Could be bad. Who knows? The only thing I’m sure of, is that being without a computer this long is very unsettling. For a person who runs three blogs, and is in the middle of writing her sixth novel, not being seated in front of my computer all day long is very, very weird!

I thought I would hear from the Geek Squad this morning, as they worked late last night trying to save my emails for me.  So far, nothing. I hope that means they are slowly managing to export my email from one client to another. (Something that’s not easy to do.) I don’t think the delay is their fault, but that doesn’t make  me any happier, as I wait  to hear from them.

Will post as soon as I can.  I expect it will take a couple of days to get things up and running, even after I get the computer home.

I’m so out of sorts when I can’t work on my books, so you know I’m really anxious for this to be resolved.  Hope to have good news later today. Will keep you posted,  though doing so via my phone is annoying. Still, without the phone I wouldn’t be able to touch base at all. So I better stop complaining, and go find some housework to  keep me busy. 😝

23 thoughts on “No News Is … No News!

  1. I understand what you are passing through as it happened to me 3 years ago. The Windows software didn’t work anymore and I was without a PC/internet for a week. I thought I would go nuts.I can’t imagine how people managed years ago without this technique wizardry! Keep thinking positive! It will be solved soon. Stay safe!

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    • Slowly going mad here, Carmen! OK, maybe not so slowly. I could be most of the way there! If I don’t hear from them by 4 o’clock, I guess I’ll drive over and ask for an update. Calling is pointless. It routes me through some system that has nothing to do with the local store. Happily, they’re only about a half a mile from my house. Wish me luck!


      • Best of luck!
        And Darlene is right. Go handwriting to cool a bit. Though I understand your worry regarding the loss of important email addresses. this is the bad part indeed.

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        • As I told Darlene, handwriting is not an option for me. If I had to depend on that, my short-lived writing career would be over. I’ll just keep trying to stay occupied and keep my mind busy until either they call me, or I drive over to the store and ask what the status is. It’s much harder to ignore someone who is standing right there. Sometimes that works very well.

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  2. When this happened to me, I hand wrote two chapters of my WIP. It felt good to that for a change!! I also caught up on my reading. Hope it is all resolved soon and successfully. We do need our computers. ❤

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    • Writing by hand is out for me, I’m afraid. Arthritis, and repetitive stress syndrome, combined with old bones, makes hand writing anything not only uncomfortable, but illegible as well. 😟 Going to have to wait for that phone call, I guess. Or the drive over to the store. As I say, they are close, so that’s not a problem.

      I have done a little bit more reading, and a lot more housework, but my mind is just sort of scattered everywhere. I worry about what’s happening, and what I’m going to end up with. The longer this goes on, the more worried I am that they’re having problems with it. But worrying about it won’t fix the problems, so I keep telling myself to stop! Trouble is, I don’t listen to me. 😄

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  3. I feel bad for you but all will turn out okay. I had to get used to a new computer, new car, Tevo and new camera within a few weeks. Sometimes felt like my head would explode from all the new information crammed in it. Still trial and error on some things. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but you will survive,
    Stay strong. Drink some tea, put your feet up and enjoy a rest. You can only do what you can do.

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    • I’m certainly glad I’m not having to get used to that many new things, Lori. The biggest problem for me is, this is how I earn my living. Every day I’m without a computer is a day I don’t get paid. And that weighs heavily on my mind, too. Plus all of my contact information for all of my local events was in that computer, and I may or may not get any of it back. A lot of lessons learned here, and this will never happen to me again. I’ve already bought a tablet to use as a back up the next time my computer has problems, or dies completely. (The geek squad folks said they had never seen a computer do what mine did. Aren’t I lucky? Ha ha. )

      I have also made folders for my file cabinet. (Remember those?) Any email I ever receive in the future with important information in it is getting printed out and filed, as a second back up. Redundancies are a beautiful thing! 😊

      I’ll survive, I’m sure, but it is going to be difficult for a few weeks. And I have very little chance of getting my new book published by January, as I had hoped. Nothing to be done about that, except for me to do the best I can, when I’m all set up again. Thanks for taking the time to offer some encouragement. I really appreciate it!


      • Yes there is a big difference if you use a computer for business. I pray you’re up and running soon.
        I know it’s hard to do but try not to worry. This too shall pass.


  4. Sending good thoughts to the computer gods. Being without a computer is very stressful. We are so addicted to them––plus, it’s hard to do anything without them either, especially blogging !!! I think you’ve doing very well.


  5. Once, my computer imploded (defective capacitors). Fortunately, I had my documents saved on a detached hard drive and a few flash drives. But the one thing I neglected to back up was the pictures in iPhoto. I took the computer’s hard drive to a Mac dealer, and the tech was able to retrieve all of the photographs. It was very stressful, though!

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    • Oh, man. I’ve always said there’s nothing worse than defective capacitors! 😯 All my files and pics are backed up on Carbonite. It was just the emails that caused problems. And now, it’s not working right at all. I’m probably going to have to go back IN with the dang computer. My mail is even screwed up on my iPhone. I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and switch to gmail, even though after 16 years, I’ve never been with anyone but RoadRunner. I hate to change that email address, but I can’t stand Outlook, and things aren’t meshing right between it, Roadrunner (my ISP) and my iPhone. I’m losing emails!! Must get it fixed, before I have a total meltdown. 😯


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