This Just In: Twin Cyber Attacks Disrupt Twitter and More

Found this in a news article:

Several cyber attacks disrupted Web traffic on the East Coast Friday, shutting down access to some of the Web’s most popular sites and frustrating their users.

A slew of major sites including Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify were affected by what was described as a DDoS, or a distributed denial of service attack, on the Internet services company Dyn.

Sites taken down by the DDoS attack today:

• Twitter
• SoundCloud
• Spotify
• Netflix
• Reddit
• Disqus
• PayPal
• Shopify + more

UPDATE: Woooohooooo! MY Twitter is back, hopefully for good! And I hope the rest of you have access, too. Today’s 12 hour outage (for me) brought home how very, very important the internet is to what I do. I won’t forget it, believe me.

14 thoughts on “This Just In: Twin Cyber Attacks Disrupt Twitter and More

  1. Apparently it hit Amazon as well. I wonder if that was what was wrong with HootSuite when I tried to use it earlier today.

    Part of me says this would fit in great as part of a story and another part is not happy that someone is trying to take down businesses that serve to entertain and educate.

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    • Yes, it has hit Amazon, too, and yes, Hootsuite wasn’t able to connect to Twitter at all, for me, and a few other functions weren’t working.

      NONE of me thinks we need to actually go through this, in order to write a scary book about it. I can create lots of scenarios without experiencing them, like the serial killer in Swamp Ghosts. Fiction. I make it up. 🙂

      There are too many wonderful things that the internet allows us to do to make any interruption tolerable for long, in my opinion. I even keep track of certain medical information that I need to be on top of via the internet. Anyone who brings it down, even short term, is NOT my friend.


    • Mary, I read it actually started a couple of days ago, and impacted other countries, as well, but today seems to have focused on the eastern U.S. However, reports were coming in from across the whole country, so it was pretty widespread. We don’t have the whole story yet, for sure, but millions of people were impacted by losing access to sites they need for their business and more. My access to Twitter was down for over 12 hours, and while I don’t spend a lot of time on there, when I want to share something for someone, or promote a book sale of my own, it’s pretty disheartening to not be able to do so.

      I have a feeling this Kindle Countdown is a lost cause, now, but at least things might be normalizing a bit. I hope. 🙂

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      • We’ll probably never get the whole story. And, of course, I’ve been merrily tweeting thinking everything is okay and not realising no one on your side of the pond is actually able to see my tweets.
        Your countdown may be okay if things get back to normal tomorrow (or whatever day it is with you – it’s past my bedtime!).


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