Constructing a Solid Story

Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented…Have you ever thought of story structure and architecture being in the same arena? I thought this was an exceptionally imaginative and constructive post from Staci Troilo over at Story Empire…

Story Empire

structureNot a lot of people know this about me, but before I studied writing in college, I was an architecture major. I’ve always been interested in design and construction, even landscaping and interior decor. Starting from scratch and making a home excites me, especially when I get to make amendments to the blueprints. (That’s probably one of the reasons my husband and I have built three houses for ourselves in addition to a flip. And decorating… one of the only things that kept me sane on any of our moves was getting to decorate a new house, and we’re on home number six now, not counting apartments.) But my university, then number two in the country for studying architecture, had a stringent focus on commercial applications. That wasn’t for me. Sure, it would be sweet to have my name on a well-known building, but I wanted to make homes.

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13 thoughts on “Constructing a Solid Story

    • Wow, most interesting! I’d never stumbled over this concept before and thought Staci’s’ interpretation was great because she has a background in architecture. Thanks for the link, Deborah. I will check it out!

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      • Staci’s post is still a great one, with concise, clear examples of how the analogy works. It doesn’t have to be the only time someone has compared writing a book to building a house to be helpful, by any means, and the fact that Staci has a background in architecture makes it all the more interesting. I’ve saved it for quick and easy reference to the idea, which I always forget. (I tend to tell my stories in a straight line from Point A to Point The End, and don’t stop to think about how I’m doing it. This post was a very good reminder.

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    • I love that blog, Debby! I have a folder where I’ve saved many, many helpful posts from her. Sadly, I haven’t finished reading them all, but I’m GOING to, by golly!! She’s a wealth of information, most of which makes perfect sense to me.


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