Where Do You Write?

An interesting question. What would YOU choose?

Lemon Shark


I may get an opportunity to have a few hours to myself each week.

Time to myself, people!Every. Week.

I’m ecstatic.

Because I’m going to use this time to write.

Here’s the catch. (You knew there was a catch, right?)

If I do the whole “drop-off, drive home, drive back, pick-up” thing, I’ll lose an hour.

So, I need to stay put. I need to be out of my housewhile I’m writing. I’ve never done this. Correction. I’ve never successfully done this.

I’ve tried coffee shops, tea shops, shoe shops, sweet shops. (No, really, not a sweet shop. In those, I just annoy my kids with how I used to buy Raisinets and Nerds in regular sized packages not the sugar-rush, vomit-inducing size they sell now.)

I don’t understand how people can write in coffee shops or whatnot. I can barely write my name never mind a…

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5 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. Typically, I need to be in a few key locations in my house to write comfortably (desk, kitchen table, bathtub, bed). I’ve found that a change of scenery during slow periods of inspiration can be useful, though! I still need that bit of privacy. For example, my back yard is the perfect place for out-of-the-house writing, because nobody’s around.

    I find that it’s not so much the distraction of people being around me that bothers me, but it’s the mere fact that other humans are around me. I feel as if I’m putting on a show for the world to see. It might be strange, but it’s a personal dilemma I’ve experienced from attempting to write in places like cafes.

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    • I have to admit, I’ve never even considered writing in the bath. Where would I sit my cup of Earl Grey? And would I get soap in it? The backyard is lovely, though I do tend to get distracted by the birds. Yesterday, I saw my first fall migrant, a female indigo bunting, and had I been writing, that would have been a major interruption for me. (I’m easily distracted by birds and wildlife.)

      I’m one of those who prefers absolute silence, and no one even in the house (preferably). Music, tv, and/or people wandering around reminds me that I’m not REALLY in my fictional town of Riverbend, dealing with a serial killer. Or big alligator. Or handsome hero. 🙂

      So interesting to see how very differently we each approach our craft. Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

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      • My husband cut and finished a board for me that I lay across the tub. It holds my coffee, pens, notepads, and my incense burner quite well (thought I’ve been using it for over a year without incident, I still don’t trust my laptop anywhere near the tub). They also sell caddies specially made for tubs, complete with groves and crevices for things you’d need! I also keep a hand towel on it in the event my hands get wet ;).

        I completely understand having distractions displacing you from your fantastic world!

        Thanks for responding! 🙂

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