16 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile – Just Under the Wire!

    • They do, indeed! And sorry, what? There’s a van in the picture somewhere? Or bollards? (Whatever the heck THOSE are. I’m afraid to ask. 😯 ) It might be my eyes, but all I can see are two Norse gods! 😀

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      • Lol, your specs obviously give you tunnel vision. Mind you, I can see why 😉
        And you don’t have bollards in your country? What do you guys call the orange cone behind Thor’s hammer, and the standy uppy thing front left bottom corner???

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        • I cleaned my specs, but nope. Can’t see a thing but two BEEYOOOTIFUL god-like beings. Sorry.
          And we call the orange standy-uppy things traffic cones. 😀 (Mark says “bollards” are usually something more substantial, often permanently set in place as an obstruction to block passage. But definitely heavier than a traffic cone. So–peering more closely, now– that would be the thing in the left front corner. Me, I’d just call it a post. 😀 😀 )

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