#MysteryGoneMad Now Available for Pre-Order


After a bit more than week of hard work, wild and crazy messaging, Kindle fiddling, blurb twiddling, and good ol’ whacky insanity, #MysteryGoneMad is now available for Pre-Order! Six very different full length novels by six equally different authors, running the gamut for your reading pleasure. Things are Hard-boiled, Soft-boiled, or Just Plain Funny–and  there could possibly be an element of creepy in the mix, too! 🙂

See for yourself!







Pre-Order YOUR copy today! Get all SIX books  for  just $1.99
Mystery Gone Mad


28 thoughts on “#MysteryGoneMad Now Available for Pre-Order

  1. Yep, Adagio has made changes, but they can’t beat MEEEEE. 😀 I got all our labels done, and the tea blends created, and all looks good. I think they’re going to make a nice addition to the giveaway, in a gift box of 12. 🙂 Now I have a date with my main man . . . Mr. Kindle! 😀 Talk to you tomorrow, I’m sure. (And did you get your post up yet? It didn’t come through in my email. I think it’s tomorrow, though, right?)


    • I do think there’s something for everybody, Olga. These are wildly different types of stories, appealing to a wide range of tastes, and all with a whodunit theme. Hope folks will enjoy it!


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