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If Walls Could Talk

Time to fire up everyone’s imagination! Don’t know about you, but I can hardly drive by an abandoned house without creating a story in my mind.  My first book, #WakeRobinRidge, came about due to driving by a long deserted log cabin between Asheville and Chimney Rock, North Carolina. I saw it every year on my mountain pilgrimage, and it never failed to make me wonder what stories it could tell. With that in mind, here are some fantastic photos of abandoned houses, sure to make you ponder–and maybe even write a book about. Enjoy!







24 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare #AbandonedHouses

    • If you look closely at some of the windows, you just might see Norman Bates’ mother staring out at you! Muahahahahaha. (I do have to say that I have no idea of the locations of any of these pics. Could be some of them actually ARE yours! 😀 )


    • Halloween, and so much more. Oh, how I long to tell a tale of murder and madness. What’s that? I’ve already told some of those? Well, one more wouldn’t hurt, would it? Especially in a setting like any of those above. 😀 Thinking . . . thinking . . . . . . . . . . .


    • Yes! Creepy to look at, and creepy to wonder about. All families have their tragedies, and some of them seem to leave an “air” of misery over ruins like these. Well, t hat’s MY story, anyway, and yes, I’m stickin’ to it! 😀

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