Seeking Solace | Excerpt Week

Seeking Solace (ebook, ad version)

Seeking Solace

After some gentle persuasion from Marcia, I’ve put together this little post to share a couple of poems from my collection, Seeking Solace, available in both paperback and Kindle formats by clicking here if you are a UK reader and by clicking here if you are a US reader. You can also find it on Goodreads by clicking here. I hope you enjoy, and offer huge thanks to anyone who decides to pick up a copy. Happy reading!


Pretty little puppet girl
dead behind the eyes.
They preen you and they pluck you
all of it without a word,
creating their own creature
that is really quite absurd.

Pretty little puppet girl
she sits alone and cries.
They say that you do have it all,
how wrong they truly are.
This life it crawls beneath your skin
and leaves a private scar.

Pretty little puppet girl
her spirit slowly dies.
Flashbulbs mask the silent tears
that swell inside your heart.
You smile at them with big blue eyes
and then you fall apart.

Pretty little puppet girl
no matter how she tries
her body it belongs to them
‘til time does intervene.
The beauty fades, the shackles fall
no better sight you’ve seen.


I thrive on sweetest isolation
nourished by the embers
dancing in your eyes,
carried on their ocean
lost but fearing rescue
content to feast on splendid fire.

The cocoon surrounds
in a warming embrace
and though the storms will rage
we won’t feel a thing,
for in the dark I cling to sparkling wonder;
those eyes will see me through.

9 thoughts on “Seeking Solace | Excerpt Week

  1. SO glad to see you made it here for Excerpt Week, Callum! You know you are always welcome to share with us any time you want, so hope this is the beginning of more visits from you. As always, your writing is lovely and haunting, and sometimes threaded with a hint of pain. Nice selections for us today. Thanks again!

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