Tweeting a Post with a Long Title – EASY Fix

This happens all the time. When a blog post has a title that makes the post too big, just shorten it. Like this:

Click on the post to tweet it. You’ll see something like this:


The -26 in red just means this tweet is 26 characters too long. Answer? Remove some characters, like this:


Took me less than two seconds to remove “Fictional Character, and.” Then I hit the Tweet button as usual. That’s all there is to it, honest. Easy-Peasy. (The actual link to the post is at the bottom, untouched, and will lead Twitter readers directly to the actual post, in its entirety.)

15 thoughts on “Tweeting a Post with a Long Title – EASY Fix

    • Well, then . . . you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s pretty much the only thing with rules that stringent. (Us wordy folks aren’t all that fond of Twitter, at times. 😀 )


  1. Yes, true. I always do this when my titles are toooooo long.
    I like twitter better than FB. From what I read there are a lot of restrictions there for authors, especially regarding advertising their books.

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    • Probably true, Carmen. I don’t hang out there much. I have two FB pages. An author’s one and a personal one, but to tell the truth, the only social media I really enjoy is blogging. Well, and Pinterest, of course, but that doesn’t count. Pinterest is the crack cocaine of social media. No one can resist it. 🙂


    • Yep, you can do a lot of different things if the tweet is too long, but I think deleting a word or two is the quickest and easiest for most folks, especially if they are sharing a blog post. Just one fast and easy way to share a friend’s post. 🙂


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