#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare Book Covers as Inspiration

This cover promises magic, and, happily, the book delivers!

In addition to photos relevant to my own books, I often display pictures of other books around my work area, because, quite simply, I not only judge books by their covers, I’m inspired by them, as well. Cover art fascinates me, which is probably one reason I collect almost as many physical books as I do eBooks on my Kindle.

Everything about this one caught my eye.

Covers are, of course,  works of art in themselves, and sometimes, I wander aimlessly around my library, picking up books at random, just to lose myself in the stories I see before ever opening the book.

Sometimes the art charms me . . .

Sometimes it makes me shiver. . .

And sometimes, it’s just pure magic.

I enjoy all sorts of cover design, but I confess, I do have my favorite artist. I’m absolutely entranced with the magical and mysterious, sometimes dark and spooky, covers of artist Christian McGrath. Yes, I have bought books based on his art alone, and even if had I been less than enamored with the story within the pages, I still think the cover, itself, is worth the price. Where else can you buy art that cheaply?  🙂 (To be truthful, I’ve also bought a signed, limited edition print (sans wording) of the cover below, and at a very reasonable price. It’s now hanging in my library, of course, near my Dresden Files bookshelf.)


Happily, Chris McGrath does the covers
for my favorite Urban Fantasy series.

Here are a few examples of his work, some from series I’ve actually read and loved. (Imagine. READING the book you bought for the cover!)

Do you suppose he killed them all, himself?

Look closely. You’ll see she’s a mermaid! Inspiration
for a “tale,” indeed.

Now what can these two be up to?

In addition to having photos of these covers here and there on my Inspiration Board, I also have some of my favorite covers . . . I mean, BOOKS . . . displayed on small easels. No matter where I look, I’m surrounded by wonderful art. How cool is that? And all of it makes me look at things differently, imagining the stories I might tell, using cover art as a jumping off point. Are you with me?

My current obsession, Fitzchivalry Farseer.
I wouldn’t mind making up my own stories about him!

12 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare Book Covers as Inspiration

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  2. I never thought about the idea of book covers as a cheap way to buy art, but of course you are right! It’s always the cover art that draws me first before I look at the blurb, and I own several books of artwork by cover artists, like Boris Vallejo, and Chris Foss (showing my age, now).
    And Robin Hobb is one of my favourites, though none of my covers have any pictures of Fitz on them – maybe I need to update my library…

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    • Oh, how I love to run my fingers over the covers of my books! 🙂 Most especially, covers by Chris McGrath. His work is exactly what I loved most, all shadows, steeped in mystery, with hints of what might be going on in the distance. Yep. Art. And fun to display. But also fun to fantasize about, dreaming of others stories those images could tell. 😀

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  3. My husband is a professional artist and he illustrates my covers, after he reads the books. I feel very lucky that we can combine our talents; it’s rewarding and fun for both of us.

    Happy Easter! 🙂

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    • Definitely a match made in heaven, Linda. I’m very grateful that my best friend is a graphics designer, too, and that she and I are almost always on the same wave length when we work together. It’s nice when things happen like that.

      But I do love OTHER cover art, as well, and spend a lot of time studying book covers in great detail. I’d be very unhappy without my collection of gorgeous books. 😀 And they do inspire me, for sure. Happy Easter to you, too, Linda!


    • Oh, this is by no means a large representation of the covers I like. Just my favorite artists, and a sample of what a good cover can do. And these are meant only to show that covers can be an inspiration, or a springboard, for a writer, too. Your covers are lovely, as they are, and very appropriate for your subject matter, as well.

      My covers are nothing like these, either. WRR series is all done in tones of gray, black, and white, with the only color being the wake-robin, itself. And the Riverbend covers are rather dark, and monotone, too, with the only color being the title of the book. I agree that the first thing a cover should do, after catching a reader’s eye, is represent a bit about the genre and story inside. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting today, Judith. Happy Easter.

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