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  1. This is always a problem for characters. I once change the name of a dog in a story, he refused to answer to it, ran off – was never seen in the book again. Well that was my excuse when I forgot I’d changed him to a cat!. Happy, less harassed Tuesday, Marcia.Jx

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    • *snort!* I might forget the name of a minor character or two, but I’d never forget the name of a PET, or the type, either. I put a LOT of thought into those. 😀 But I confess, every time I go to mention the father of one of my WIP characters, I have to look the dang thing up again! Good thing I keep character sheets on hand. 😀

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        • I don’t know how anyone can write without them. I keep them in a sub-folder in my main WIP folder, along with my “What If” sub-folder, and my area maps, and a whole bunch of other reference stuff I need. I WAS using Scrivener for a while, trying to organize with it, but I finally figured out it took me longer to set each book & index card up within the program than it did to just use my own folders.

          Now, what did I name that long-dead aunt again? Hmmmmmmm. I think this is a job for more COOKIES! 😀

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            • OH, I figured you knew just where they were! 🙂 But I have to keep mine on my computer. My WALLS are covered with Inspiration Board photos. Lots of mountains and rivers, and animals, and scary things, and beautiful things. And oh, yeah…lots of photos of a certain Norse god, who shall go nameless (THOR!!). Him and his mighty hammer! 😀

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    • Pets are a weakness of mine, so I get them straight, usually. BUT again, those minor characters are a whole different matter. I have a LOT of trouble remembering their names, and what I’ve said about them before. Character sheets. I’d be lost without them. 🙂


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