16 thoughts on “Read, Revel, Review Meme

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  2. Take care not to violate Amazon’s Terms of Service. The site is cracking down on reviews, especially by authors who know other authors through group affiliations, etc. Otherwise, review away!

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    • Thank you for the reminder, Linda. I created these for authors to tweet out to the world at large, not for them to ask their friends for reviews. I would hope most of us know better than to do that. In doing several group presentations a month for over a year, I’ve discovered that the reading public in general has no idea at all how important reviews can be. When I ask for a show of hands of those who regularly (or ever) leave them, I’ve never gotten more than TWO people in any group. So I tell them at the beginning of my presentation, and remind them again at the end. NOT just for me, but for any books they read that they enjoy.

      I wanted to make some pretty reminders we can send out into the ether to encourage folks to get in the habit of reviewing books they love. Hopefully, that’s what most of these will be used for, and not for anything Amazon would object to. (Fingers crossed).


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    • I have finally decided the bloom is off the rose on the free books thing. I won’t be doing it again. I’ll do promos with a sale price now and then, and as soon as my 3rd book in m Wake-Robin series is released, I’m planning to reduce the price of book 1 permanently. But giving away hundreds and hundreds of copies of a book and not getting many (or worse, ANY) reviews just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sorry that happened to you, Gerald!

      I’m on a campaign to let readers know how important reviews are, especially to independent writers. These little memes are just eye-catching ways of reminding them. I hope. 🙂 I do a lot of local stuff around the area each month, and I always make a point to ask my groups if they leave reviews regularly. (Hint. A show of hands proves they do not.) So I tell them how important it is, and hopefully, a few of them will remember to take the time to do so. We’ll see. (It can’t hurt to get the word out, right?)

      Remember, too, you can post about your books here any time you’d like. Share an excerpt during excerpt week, or let us know if you are having sales, or will be at Meet & Greet things. We’re happy to pass the word along. Just email me with any questions. mmeara@cfl.rr.com If I can help, I will. 🙂


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