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Inspiration! Where does it come from? In a word, everywhere! Open your eyes and unstop your ears, and you’ll find it. I keep a file on my computer called, surprise, Inspiration, and I save lots and lots of pictures there. Of SO many things. Sometimes, I just sit browsing through them, thinking about what stories are hidden within them. Today, I’m going to share some randomly selected images for your viewing pleasure. Which ones speak to you?

Maybe you are most often inspired by scenic vistas and faraway places.



Live In The Moment

Perhaps abandoned buildings, long forgotten, make you wonder what stories they could tell? My first book, #WakeRobinRidge was inspired by a long abandoned cabin I’d seen several times while visiting the mountains of North Carolina.





Or maybe it’s the romance of ornate castles and sprawling manor houses
that speaks to your heart?




Whether it’s the quiet beauty of a sun-drenched Venice canal,


Or a the  haunting, lonely silhouette of a dead tree against a stormy Scottish sky,


if you are open to it, images such as these can stir your imagination, and that’ s what writing is all about, isn’t it? Giving our imaginations full rein, and then sharing the stories that spring to life within our hearts.  Hope  you’ll set up an Inspiration Folder for yourself, and see where the images you find  take you.
Happy Day Dreaming!

44 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday #SundayBlogShare

  1. These are great photos to inspire stories. I was inspired to write, Masterpiece of Murder, by the isolation and the scenic beauty of Bariloche, Argentina, when I saw the photos brought in by someone I once worked with. It’s amazing what pictures can do for the imagination.

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    • Oh, go with Venice, please! I swear, after falling in love with the city in 1998, I buy any book with a picture of Venice on the cover — I’ve read a hundred at least! And only one dud. Part of the city’s magic is that it makes everyone a storyteller.

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      • Hopefully, someone here will look at that picture and be inspired to write you book #101. 🙂 I can’t say it would be me, because I know absolutely nothing about Venice, and I don’t even write about cities nearby that I’m unfamiliar with. I make up my own towns and mountain ridges, in areas I know pretty darn well. It’s safer that way. 😀

        Hey, maybe when you’re ready to start your first novel, Venice should be your setting? You obviously love it. I say go for it, and I’ll read it, and tell you how marvelous it is! Deal? 😀


  2. Wow! You’ve been to some wonderful places. I would find the most inspiration at the little country home, where I could have lots and lots of room for my aura to expand. I’d mainly write outdoors.

    The castle would be great to visit and would be great fodder for a novel! As would Venice. I would like to read your book. Great photographs!

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    • Oh, no. I’m sorry to have misled you. These photos are not from places I’ve been. (I WISH!!!) They are from my collection of inspirational images, which I find can often give me an idea for my writing. And I share them here, so others might use them as a starting point for a book, as well.

      All of my books are available on Amazon, in print or Kindle format, so maybe you’ll try one some day. If you do, let me know what you think. In the meantime, enjoy the photos I shared today, and thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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      • You’re welcome! I think having an album like yours is a wonderful idea. So far I have just been saving spiritual photos and of course my fabulous family and cats. I have shared lots of beautiful photos of exotic places on FB before, but hadn’t learned how to save them yet, lol. Technology has been advancing so quickly! And I am finally sort of catching up. What’s your last name so I can look for your writing on Amazon? I have a Kindle so that will simplify things.

        Incidentally, I signed up for and listened to over a hundred webinars, guided meditations, etc. I had saved over fifty of these to listen to repeatedly (like while doing housework) but two days ago my granddaughter deleted absolutely everything.

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        • Sorry to hear that your granddaughter deleted your special files. Eeep!

          If you scroll to the top of this page, you’ll see the header image for this blog. It says “The Write Stuff: Writers Helping Writers, With Marcia Meara & Friends.” That’s me. 🙂 Marcia Meara.

          In the right hand column, you’ll find the cover images of each of my books, and if you click on the pics, you’ll go to the amazon page where that particular book is for sale. Or, you can go to Amazon, enter Marcia Meara in their search bar, and my author page will come up, with links to each book.

          If you want to know a bit more about me, again, at the top of the page, you’ll see the “About” link. Click on that. I’ve set the blog up as a place for writers to share with each other (and anyone who stops by to read), and to help each other promote their books, learn from each other, and share, in general, like I did today, with the Inspiration Photos.

          Hope this helps! Please look around as much as you like, and comment anywhere you wish. And let me know if I can help with anything else. 🙂

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    • Glad you enjoyed them, Judith. And those are pelicans on the roof, btw. Makes you wonder if the house has only lately become a convenient roost, or if they were long used to visiting for scraps of fish and the like. And it makes me shiver to see it leaning on its foundations, coming ever closer to a slow slide into the sea. 😦


    • I’m glad you enjoyed them, Linda. Don’t those abandoned rooms just TEEM with possible stories? Remember the opening sequence from Titanic, where the camera moved through sad wreckage of the beautiful ballroom, and then it slowly fades as the image of it “as it was” comes forward, filled with elegance and music? I can almost see that happening, especially on that overgrown verandah, or the sunroom, with the decaying piano. *sigh* I may have to write a story about that one, myself! 😀


    • Yep, the one at the end is Scotland, and Eilean Donan Castle is, too. Oh, how I love them!! I can’t remember where the big “manor house” style one is from, but it might be Scottish, too. I should look that up.

      I’m glad you enjoyed them, and found a couple to share. I need to check your Fantasy board out, obviously. You might be having fantasies that I’d like, too! Hahaha.

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      • I think my fantasy board needs a few handsome princes to pep it up 😉
        I’ve driven past Eilean Donan many times, such a recognisable castle, and I could tell from the scenery that the last one was also Scotland – so very familiar. I’d be pretty sure that the manor house is, too, or if not, it’s very clearly modelled on Scottish architecture.
        Hope you enjoyed checking out my pinboard.

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        • OKay, first I have to say that I spotted a couple of handsome prince types on your fantasy board. The guy in leather is quite appealing, as is the picture of the “prince” with the hawk. LOVELY creature. (And t he hawk ain’t bad, either!) 😀

          I looked it up. That “manor house” is actually Kylemore Abbey, County Galway, Ireland. Another place I’d love to visit, but not QUITE as much as Scotland. Scotland wins, hands down, every time I daydream about traveling afar.

          Now, as you were, Debby…back to collecting MORE handsome princes for your fantasy board. 😉

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    • I’m so drawn to the abandoned house photos, I can’t tell you. I have several ideas floating around in my head. I just might have to do a story that features one of them…perhaps in my 3rd Riverbend book. I think I know just how I could work it into the tale of “the other Painter brothers.” And Riverbend is a place an older, once elegant house could be found, crumbling away in forgotten decay. OH, yeah. I think I’ve got just the way to make that happen. 😉

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