12 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile

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  2. Wow! LOL!!!! So true!
    I sometimes enter for just 2 minutes to search for something or pin something and then grab myself out from there after 1`hour!!!! Too many captivating things. I marked it as spam in my email otherwise my days will be spent only going from Pin to Pin. Addictive!
    Now, I will, guess what…. will PIN the image!!!!!

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    • Well, you simply MUST warn others, right? The poor, unsuspecting souls will wander around on there for days, if no one warns them away. I know I did. And then I set up board, after board, after board, with things I believe it’s my DUTY to share. I stop by on a Sunday for a recipe search, and fall back into real life somewhere around Wednesday! It’s truly the only social media I enjoy that much, besides blogging, which I love. Everything else is just stuff I need to do, but Pinterest is like the crack cocaine of social media. 😀

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    • Ten minutes? I haven’t even hit my stride within ten minutes. And hitting my stride is just the beginning on Pinterest. It’s always “Just one more Pin. Just ONE more!” GAH. I don’t dare stop by there, unless I have a week or so free!!

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    • I agree whole-heartedly. Trouble is, once I’m there, I CAN’T STOP! I love it, yes. But it becomes an enormous time suck that can eat up my entire afternoon, if I’m not careful. So I have to ration my Pinterest time even more severely than I ration my enjoyment of oh, say, key lime pie, or Ben & Jerry’s. 😀 I’d rather be on Pinterest than any other thing online, except my blog. And I’d rather be there for HOURS. Browsing, and laughing, and pinning, and oohing, and aaahing, and pinning. Over and over, ad nauseum. Gleep!!


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