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  1. Good interview. I especially liked her talking about the need to connect with other authors. Writing is a solitary undertaking, but we all need encouragement and another eye to look at what we’ve created. Not many people understand the frustrations and insecurities of being a writer–nor the overwhelming joy of seeing your story in print . . . or a hearing someone you don’t know say that they loved your book. Forums, critique groups, blogs, and conferences all help.

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  2. I’m a little late here, but what a great interview, Linda. I love learning more about fellow authors and their work – and as a not-huge fan of vampire fiction, I admit to finding your take on them refreshingly interesting.
    Also the idea that in-the-flesh writer’s groups last about 2 years – when I’m still with my original group after 30 years! We’ve developed together, are all published in one form or another, and still find our mutual input very valuable.
    I’m wondering about joining an online group as well – sounds like you find that valuable.
    Thanks Marcia, for sharing this.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Deb! Glad you enjoyed the interview. To last 30 years, your writers’ group must be “friendship based.” What a wonderful support system and a tribute to all of you!


      • It is that.
        As to friendship, well, maybe between odd pairs within the group, though none of us are that close (apart from a pair of sisters), and some of us don’t even particularly like each other! We do, however, respect one another, and are bound together by that over-riding desire to write and sell excellent fiction. Several members have trad book contracts, and most sell shorts regularly to pro magazines, so we’re pretty successful, and a lot of it is down to our mutual critiquing and support, plus information sharing of industry openings.
        We only meet once a month, or so, and we all write in vaguely the same genre (SF and fantasy, with a little historical mystery on the side), so I guess we don’t get up each other’s noses too often!
        I dread the day I move away, which will come eventually, which is why I’m starting to think towards online groups – thank goodness that option is now available.

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