First Official #ExcerptWeek of 2016!


Well, that’s it for another year. Christmas is safely back in the boxes and tucked in the attic. My 300+ Santas have been put to rest, alongside various shiny baubles and strings of now-darkened lights. One spray of evergreen boughs are still in the wall vase by the kitchen entryway, where they’ll stay until they are replaced by new greenery next year, and thus will keep Christmas in my house throughout 2016.

I hope your holidays were everything you love and cherish, and you are each ready to see what the New Year will bring. I know I am.

Here on The Write Stuff, I have ideas for some new features that I hope will be both entertaining and inspiring, and I’m eagerly waiting to see what each of you might contribute, as well. To start things off, I hereby proclaim that this is Excerpt Week, and I’ll be sharing one with you shortly. You are all invited to share excerpts of your own between now and Sunday night. Of course, you can always share excerpts, any time you wish, but during this week, I hope we’ll see bunches of folks taking the time to contribute, and lots of stuff coming through.

You may share excerpts from published work, or a Work In Progress, whatever you’d enjoy having us read and comment on. Please feel free to include your Buy Links for your books, as well as a bio to let new followers know a bit about you. And EVERYONE can participate. If you are already set up to publish new posts here, have at it whenever you like. If not, and you’d like to be, just email me and I’ll explain your options. 

My only restrictions on subject matter are these: Nothing political, and nothing erotic. Sexy is okay, and I trust you to know where to draw the line. Other than that, feel free to share what you’d like, and we’ll pass it along on Facebook, Twitter, or by reblogging. Hopefully, you’ll find some new readers that way. Most of all, have fun sharing!

 I wish you all a happy and fulfilling 2016! Now let the fun begin.

3 thoughts on “First Official #ExcerptWeek of 2016!

  1. Thanks for your generousity Marcia. I’m on vacay and taking a vacay on vacay up to Sedona tomorrow with our guests. I hope to be able to find some time to join in, if so, I’ll email you. 🙂

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