Excited to announce the release of Pedal

I’m excited to announce the release of my 2nd novel, Pedal, which examines the life of 49-year-old elementary school music teacher, Joanne Brick, who is fired and struggles to reclaim her life back through bicycle racing.FRONT ONLY_lower res

This uplifting story tells how Joanne—who lives with her bossy older sister, and ailing mother—deals with unemployment, loneliness and loss of self-worth. Pedal is a contemporary family drama based around the theme of daring to change and how ordinary people deal with those changes. (Beyond the Book Store just did a wonderful review of Pedal.)

Great news for all who own a Kindle, Assent Publishing has reduced the e-book price for the next couple of days to only 99 cents! For more info and to purchase, here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/Pedal-Kindle

Thanks, and I’d be very grateful if you would share.


15 thoughts on “Excited to announce the release of Pedal

  1. Congratulations, Louis! Shared via Twitter, FB, and reblogged. AND I just downloaded my copy!! (Now to find time to READ, so I can review…don’t ask anyone else how badly I’m doing with that! 😦 But I promise to try my best! Soon, I hope.) What a nice Christmas gift for you, to have this out and getting good reviews already. Way to go!

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      • You are so right about this community, Louis, and the great thing is, it’s growing every day. Since the big jump to 2,200+, I’ve been watching it closely, and it goes up and down a bit each day, in a very normal way, so I’m starting to believe the number is correct. (None of my other blogs is acting weird.) And I think that taking part in two of Rosie Amber’s special tours is probably what really gave this blog a boost, in addition to the tours being lots of fun. She has a LOT of followers, and they are great about sharing. So, my hat’s off to Rosie, for sure.

        Crossing my fingers for a great start to your sales. Please keep us posted, and remember to post any promos you like here, too. 🙂

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        • That’s interesting, Marcia. My pinterest page made a similar kind of leap – though not near those numbers. It was around twenty-five and then in a period of a week or two it jumped to over 250. I think with pinterest it’s something about the algorithms – followers begets more followers, though it did level off.

          Will definitely keep you posted on promos & such. Thanks, Louis


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