Holiday Romance Novella: The Breadth of the Soul


She doesn’t know who she is or why she’s come to Colorado Springs. Dustin has no idea why he’s met her. Kayla whispers that her name is Ruby—if he can believe the voice of a spirit in the night. Separate tragedies, years apart, form an invisible bond between Ruby and him. A chance encounter over the Holidays? Or a match made in Heaven? Only Kayla knows for sure…


     All Dustin wanted to do was go home and take a nap. He deserved that, didn’t he? Hadn’t he done enough chivalrous shit for one day? Driving away from the hotel, he felt guilty for leaving Brandy—or whoever the hell she was. Why hadn’t he minded his own business in Lutz’s? No one else cared that she was crying. Why had Janette sat him in the booth near Brandy’s? Why hadn’t he plopped his ass on a stool at the counter like he usually did?
     Damn it, Kayla. Get out of my head. Stop trying to be my moral compass…
     Dustin slowed at the first intersection, swung into a gas station, and turned his truck around. He knew he should go back to the shop to pick up his SUV, but he didn’t have time.

     When he entered the hotel, he didn’t see her. He approached the desk clerk. “Excuse me. Did the lady who was here check in yet?”
     “She went to the restroom.”
     Dustin headed down a hallway. He halted at the correct door, knocking. “Brandy, are you in there?”
     She came out, her eyes red-rimmed. “Did you forget something?” she asked, sniffling.
     He commandeered her suitcase. “Yeah—you. Look, I can’t leave you here, okay? Not in your present state of mind.”
     “Don’t make me go to the police, Dustin. They’ll think I’m nuts and have me locked up.”
     “I want you to stay with me, at least until we can make some sense out of this.”
     “Is it all right with your…significant other?”
     “Yeah, she’s on board. Believe me.”
     She trailed him into the lobby. “I’m sorry to be such a pain. I know you didn’t ask for this, to be burdened with a stranger who has amnesia, and I…”
     “Please, stop crying and stop apologizing. I’m not the saint you make me out to be.”
     “But you’re helping me, and you don’t have to.”
     “That’s where you’re wrong, Brandy. Sometimes, we have no choice in the matter.”

*  *  *

9 thoughts on “Holiday Romance Novella: The Breadth of the Soul

    • I’m pleased you shared with us, and I’ve already downloaded my copy. I think this sounds terrific! Can’t wait to read it, and since I’m a bit under the weather this morning, I’m thinking I’ll go lie down and do so right now. I hope you don’t mind that I adjusted the text size for the excerpt. It was still set at a “Heading 3” level, and kinda huge. 🙂 This way, we don’t need to split it onto a second page.

      Again, can’t wait to read it. Thanks for letting us know, and folks, this is a steal at $.99! You should check it out. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, Marcia. I thought I’d made the excerpt larger and easier to read, especially on a tablet or a phone, but it’s not the same size as the blurb. Must have screwed up. Sorry about that! 🙂

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        • It WAS the same size as the blurb, but that made it huge, with kinda big gaps between the lines, too. I made it the normal size, but left the blurb larger. If you’d rather I change it back, I can do that, but then I’d suggest putting a “Continue Reading” tag in it. It’s always nice if you don’t have to do that. But this is all a matter of preference, and therefore subjective. I’ll be happy to switch, if you’d like it better that way. Just let me know. 🙂


          • Oh, wait. I see you changed it back again. I don’t know how it looks on anyone else’s PC, but it’s huge on mine, and we probably need to add the Continue Reading break, to keep folks from having to scroll down so long to get to the preceding posts.


          • Oh, no! I thought I did something wrong, and I edited the post. I can see the excerpt in its entirety…but please feel free to downsize it again if you’d like. Practice makes perfect. Eventually, I’ll get it right! 🙂

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            • You can see the excerpt with no problem from the Post Page, but if you read from the home page, it’s so huge, it takes up a lot of real estate. In fact, the letters are about so enormous, it makes it harder to read for me, instead of easier. I usually do help posters keep a similar format on the blog, but as I say, it’s personal taste. There’s no way to make a post look good on all devices, of course, so I usually default to what looks best on my Home Page, and that’s what I did. Plus, I took out the extra spaces between every line, which is what it will do, if you select Heading 3. (Headings don’t work as well with blocks of text as they do with…well…headings! 😀 ) So I was just tidying it up to make it look consistent with the blog, but I do NOT have to do that if you like it this way.

              When reading from the Home Page…scrolling through a day’s post, perhaps…you can see what I mean about posts that get kinda long. I add the “Continue Reading” insert on the Home Page, which directs the reader to the POST page, where it’s all continuous. Let’s leave it as is now. Enough changing back and forth, and since today is a slow day, without a lot of posts on the Home Page, I think it will be okay.

              However, I’m emailing you about something else, Stand by! 😀


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