October Siege – Happy Halloween!


The siege begins.
Enemies among us
With evil grins,
They lurk,
They skulk,
They glare,
Sharp fangs bared.

Hide inside.
Nighttime danger
With shining eyes,
They menace,
They taunt,
They torment,
Mouths opened wide.

See how they glow!
Deadly, gap-toothed grins
Midst curves of vivid orange!
Silently screaming with devilish glee,
They lounge on nighttime porches,
And march up darkened drives.
Casting yellow light from watchful eyes,
They search for unwary victims,
For slow and easy prey.

Big ones, tall ones,
Skinny ones, or round.
Colored like the fiery sun,
Or the moonlight pallor of alien visitors.
They line up on fence posts,
Stair steps, and windowsills.
Peering out . . . or peering in?
Looking for who?

Watch your step.
They’re back again,
With wicked intent,
They scheme,
They hunger,
They haunt,
Pumpkins on patrol!


~ Summer Magic: Poems of Life and Love by Marcia Meara

8 thoughts on “October Siege – Happy Halloween!

    • Same to you, Carmen! This is one of the poems from the last half of Summer Magic: Poems of Life and Love. The first half contains poems about my “leading man” in Wake-Robin Ridge, MacKenzie Cole, when he was a ten-year-old boy, camping in the mountains with his dad, every summer. I had so much fun putting that little book together.

      I started with poetry, too, many, many years ago, and love it just as much today as I did then. Poems are like little snapshots, moments frozen in time, comprised of images or emotions that really speak to me. Every now and then, I share one of mine from the book, and I realized today was the perfect day for this one.

      Have a great weekend!


      • Yes, I noticed you have a volume of poems. I’m glad we have this in common! I totally agree with your characterization of what poems are.
        It’s the same for me.
        Here’s a link to my page where, if you click on the page with the poem, you can read 2 of mine that were published years ago in a collection.
        My novel Shadows of the Past starts with a fragment from one of them -Eternity.


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        • I will definitely check out your link, Carmen. Thanks for sharing it. Today is a rush-rush-rush day for us, and I’m cheating by sneaking in here even now, but I’ll make a note to look at it tomorrow. Poems make my heart sing. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Evelyn. I’m glad you enjoy them. I have another I might post later, from the Mac at Ten portion of my little book. It’s a nice one for fall/Halloween/general atmosphere. And I’ll bet I have some poems by folks from years gone by that you’d love. I’ll have to send you a couple of my favorites from when I was firsts discovering all the great poetry out there.

      🙂 Happy Halloween!


  1. Marcia, I wish I could write poetry half as evocatively as you do. I love the alliteration and consonance you employ as well. Have a spooktacular day!


    • You are so nice, Linda! Lovely comments, for which I thank you very much! I love pumpkins almost as much as I love poetry! 😀 My favorite thing about fall, besides cooler weather! And back atcha for a wonderful day.


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