Amazon #1 #BestSeller – yay! #UrbanFantasy

Congratultions to Deborah Jay! Nicely done, Deb!


Yup, enormous thanks to all of you who downloaded Sprite Night while it was on promotion – it made it to the #1 position in one of its US categories, and as high as #4 in the other – [pause for author to grin maniacally].

And here’s the proof:

Sprite Night promo US  24th Oct 15

Or in prettier format:

Sprite Night - Amazon bestseller #1

Now I know it seems like a bit of a cheat to call it a ‘bestseller’, when it was actually free, but hey, it’s my first #1 on Amazon, so perhaps you can forgive me that little conceit?

Not quite as stellar results on the UK site, but still very pleasing, as the categories are far larger – no ‘short read’ categories here; in contention with full length works:

Sprite Night promo UK  24th Oct 15


The all-important bit. This was my first time running a free promotion, and I had no real idea what to expect. I’ve seen people throwing around huge figures in…

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