Author or artist?

author or artist

An interesting perspective…

Are you an author or an artist? These words author and artist are not as similar as they sound. Some gifted individuals can be both, but in actuality, most people are…

Please follow the link to read Cyle Young’s post on The Write Conversation.  I think I fall somewhere in between!  What about you?

6 thoughts on “Author or artist?

  1. Very interesting article. While I would definitely consider myself an author, by this series of definitions, I do have a lot of overlap, especially where quality of work is concerned. I’m writing to entertain, rather than create a literary masterpiece, yes. But I believe I should still write the best book I can, with plenty of attention to what I’m learning every day about my craft, solid revisions and editing (certainly more than one!), and a growing skill level. I want my books to be as professional as I can make them, and reflect a knowledge of language, grammar, vision, and good story telling.

    I’m not sure where that puts me in this particular ranking. But since I’ve painted all my life…earning more money at it than I’ll probably ever make with my novels…I’m happy to call myself both an author AND an artist. 😀 Cheating? Maybe. But it works for me. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this, Linda. I enjoyed reading it, even if (as usual), I’m neither fish nor fowl. I’m just me, I reckon. 😀


    • Agreed, Marcia. Quality matters to me; I refuse to hit that “publish button” until I’m satisfied I’ve done the best I can with the story. I don’t force myself to produce a certain number of books; the writing takes as long as it takes. While I’m not an artist by Cyle’s definition, and I have no hopes of producing a masterpiece, I’m not a bona fide writer, either. Ha, ha!

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      • Pigeonholes are tricky things. Even for the pigeons! 😀

        I do think there are some writers out there who don’t seem to be trying very hard, but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. And whether or not someone else can tell by what I’ve written, I do make every effort to produce the best book I can. But I suspect there are as many reasons and ways of writing as their are folks doing it. And one size fits all NEVER does. (If you don’t believe me, just think about that stupid tie-on gown at the doctor’s office!!) 😀

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  2. Not sure that’s something that one can decide oneself. I think it’s probably up to others. I don’t consider myself an artist. Like you, my main aim is to entertain, but I don’t think I fall into the author category as defined there. I guess I just write.

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