Question: Fantasy worldbuilding workshop?

I’m thinking about creating an online course that would teach some elements of worldbuilding for fantasy novels. But before I set out on this journey, I was wondering if there would be any interest for this sort of course. If there is, what sort of subject matter would you like covered?

3 thoughts on “Question: Fantasy worldbuilding workshop?

  1. Hi Jas,
    As a reader I do find that many high end fantasy writers struggle to give me clear pictures of their worlds, they introduce so much “New and made-up” elements that I cannot imagine them. I sometimes think that some of the writers write as they see a 2D video game, fast and furious, they can see the images of the story in their own mind but they don’t portray them strongly enough to the reader. Hope this is of use?

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  2. While I don’t write fantasy, myself, and have about all I can handle writing about the world I know, I read loads of Urban Fantasy, and am moving more and more into the “regular” kind. 🙂 (Just started Jim Butcher’s newest series, The Cinder Spires, and am reading The Aeronaut’s Windlass, because, hey…Butcher AND Steampunk? Irresistible! BUT, having said that, I should think there would be a great deal of interest in this. I agree with Rosie Amber that sometimes, Fantasy writers forget to lay that groundwork that explains the social, political, and even physical elements of their world. Without doing a good job of that, readers are often left struggling to picture what’s going on.

    If you decide to do this, I’ll be happy to help promote it, and of course, you can post anything here you like about what’s going on with it. I hope you get lots of takers. Keep us updated, if you would.


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