#Excerpt Week – Have Bags, Will Travel #memoir/travel/humor

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It seems that with every trip I take I’m faced with issues of dealing with overweight luggage and have become almost a person of interest when it comes to passing through Canada customs on every return trip.

This book has snippets of stories from travels in earlier times when airline restrictions were a little more lenient (when overweight luggage wasn’t a huge concern), opinions on some of the places I’ve visited, and fond memories with best friends.

Here is an excerpt from Airport Security

Returning home from a vacation is always a nerve-racking event for me. Instead of flying home and basking in the memories of the wonderful time I’ve just had on vacation, I repeatedly go through my receipts from the trip so I can carefully calculate how not to exceed the fixed limit we’re allowed to bring back without penalty. I must remember which receipts correspond to the tags I’ve already cut off so I can take them out of the pile. More math!

Most people don’t worry about such things—but I have to. It’s practically like my face is on a milk carton: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN SHOPPING? For decades now, I’ve been consistently pulled over at customs. A planeload of people pick up their luggage and sail through the exit doors to freedom, and one person (and her husband) get singled out for interrogation. This happens on ninety percent of my trips. Why is it that I’m picked out of two hundred and fifty passengers to be interrogated? I lament, but I’m familiar with all the tricks by now: don’t wear flashy jewelry, don’t dress up, try to blend in. I can’t help it, though. I have what I’ve identified as shopping face. . .

Have Bags, Will Travel is available now in ebook at Amazon, and will be available in print this week.

8 thoughts on “#Excerpt Week – Have Bags, Will Travel #memoir/travel/humor

  1. YOU MADE IT! Woooohoooooooo! Never been so glad to see a new contributor! 🙂 And I love your excerpt. I can tell this book is going to be very funny. Plus the cover is adorable! Thank you SO much for sharing. (Now, of course, you know that you’re going to have to post every day for a YEAR to make up for our struggles tonight! Hahahahaha.) Welcome aboard!

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      • Officially, yeah, BUT. This is now YOUR blog, too. And there is no limit on how often you can post excerpts, promos, news, questions, or hi-howdys. The more action we have going, the more visitors we draw, and the more exposure we all get. And most especially, let us know when you have promos so we can tweet and post and FB and otherwise share the heck out of it for you. That’s how we help each other, right? So post away. Any time.

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  2. Lol Deb. Thanks again. ❤ PS. I'm thrilled to have 2 editorials in my book from 2 talented authors – you being one of them of course! Because this is a short book and even though in the ebook form I had the formatter put the TOC in the back, unfortunately the 10% Amazon lets readers view isn't much more than the ebook version editorials. So your review is one of the highlights. Thanks! xo

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    • Interesting, Deb. I guess amazon does a percentage of the book in the previews. I know of mine, you can read the prologue and from three to four FULL chapters, believe it or not! Weird. And I don’t blame you for being thrilled to have an editorial from Deborah. She’s great! 🙂

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  3. Thanks Marcia. Yes, it’s 10% of book that can be read. Obviously, your book is bigger in page count, as are my other books are, which also give you intro and a chapter or two. But at least if we put up a good product description then readers can get an idea of what they’ll be reading about. 🙂


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