No Wonder…


…I’ve been craving my tea ICED all day! We have now had our first “official” day of this summer where we hit 100 degrees! And we’re only midway through June. I shudder to think what July and August are going to be like. Urk.  And THIS is why I love Florida so much more in the winter, when I can garden every day. 🙂 Hope it’s cooler where you are!

4 thoughts on “No Wonder…

    • We’re hearing thunder in the distance, but we live in the Precipitation Donut Hole, here. You can stand in our yard and watch rain falling in a complete circle around us, and not a drop hitting our house. 😦 But I don’t need another bad storm, either, so I’m trying not to complain. It’s just t he HEAT. GAH. Miserable the last week, around 97 or 98 every day, and that 100 yesterday. UGH. If the a/c goes, I’m toast! 😯

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