Marketing Help?


Is anyone interested–or know of someone who’d be interested–in taking over some of the marketing aspects of my self-published books? I simply have not been able to find the time to figure out which advertising is right for me, which email lists I should strive to get on, the best promotions to run, and so forth. I can’t afford a big-time marketing firm, needless to say, but would love to find someone familiar with the best way to go about this, and looking to augment their income with a (very) small account. Anyone have any ideas? I’m open for suggestions, recommendations, and warnings. 🙂 Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Marketing Help?

    • Thanks, Aimee. I figured someone would suggest that as an option. I hate to admit it, but I’m so intimidated by that whole place. It’s the No.1 reason I set it up this board. But I may have to gird my loins (oh, perish the thought!) and trundle over there. Unless someone pops in here with a suggestion, and saves me the anxiety. 😀

      I know there’s a wealth of info there. I should make the effort once more. Maybe this time, it won’t feel so much like shouting down a rain barrel, and hearing only my own voice, echoing back.


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