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For those like myself, who have been railing against some of the changes in format here on WordPress, you might be very happy to learn you do NOT (yet) have to switch to the “improved posting experience.” There is a quick and easy way around it that doesn’t involve trying to find things online that will let you code it differently. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Sue Vincent who said in an earlier conversation that you can still find the “classic”Β  form for posting via theΒ  Dashboard. All you do is Click on WP Admin in your drop down menu, which will bring up your Dashboard. Click on Post/Add New from THERE, instead of from that first menu, and you will get your old favorite format again! I’ve tried it like 100 times tonight, to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. If I click on Posts/Add New from the first drop down, I get the “new” and “totally screwed up” format. If I click onΒ  WP Admin first, and then click on Post/Add New from that Dashboard menu, I get the old one! VOILA! Problem solved, for now at least, and I am one happy camper!

Thank you a million times over, Sue. I had been growing increasingly angry at that stupid new format. It reminds me of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago:

Things I Have Learned #1

TV ads we all endure
Proclaim loudly “We have the cure!”
You try it out, and find it’s good,
Why can’t they leave it as they should?
Beware the label “New and Improved,”
It really means you’ve just been scrooved.

14 thoughts on “Good News!

    • You are a smart cookie…and see…didn’t I just tell you, you never know when you might be able to provide exactly the answer someone’s been looking for? I’ve posted all over the place asking about this, and the only answer I’ve ever gotten was so convoluted, and involved downloading outside apps to do something or other with code. I gave up. Trust me, I’ve seen posts on sites with dozens and dozens of people totally confused, and madder than heck.

      It would never have occurred to me that there would be any difference in the New Post button from one menu to the other, when it has exactly the same name. Plus, I never go to the dashboard for anything at all, except when I want to change out my header on Bookin’ It, and I just scroll down to Appearance for that. I’ve never used ONE other button on that menu in over 5 years, with 4 blogs. 😯

      Also, many, many people have written WP and complained, and then posted about the responses they’ve gotten. None of the ones I read received any indication from WP that there was a way around this. Probably there are plenty of others who knew this, maybe because they always work from the dashboard, I don’t know. But I only worked from the first menu that pops up when I click on My Sites, so I was completely ignorant of this. *Doh!* I feel SO enlightened tonight. (And now I’m mad that it took so long for me to find this out!! Hahaha.)

      But anyway, it gave me a chance to post my little jingle, which still makes me laugh after all these years! πŸ˜€

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      • It was a great little jingle too! I have always been in the habit of working from the dashboard, so it took me the longest time to figure out what everyone was complaining about! Duhhh, here too! LOL

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        • I just never bothered to click to a second menu when the first one had all the buttons I needed. When I click once and see “Add New Post,” I stop right there. I’m going to be checking out the Dashboard veeee-eeery carefully, in case it’s hiding anything else I need. πŸ˜€ And thanks on the jingle. I get so tired of my favorite products being “improved,” which is Ad-speak for “Ruined Beyond Imagining.”


    • It was making me nuts, too, for so many reasons. Nothing works right in it, and it’s hard to get to your categories and stuff. I HATE it. And believe it or not, I searched for answers, and what I found was a kajillion other people looking for answers, too, and none of them with any! 😦 I’m SO happy you posted the trick here. It’s so darn EASY, I’m thrilled. I never used the Dashboard menu for anything other than appearances, because I had everything at my fingertips from the FIRST menu. Now I’m going to explore it more closely, just to be sure there aren’t other buttons there wearing the same name they do on the first menu, but doing entirely different jobs. Just in case. πŸ™‚ You’ve made me a much happier poster! And I don’t know why WP hasn’t helped, because I know for a fact they got a LOT of complaints. (Maybe they plan to do away with it? I hope not. But as long as it works, I’m USING it. And SMILING.)


  1. Funny, I’ve always made new posts from the dashboard, too, so I hadn’t really noticed. I just figured it was a second option in the same way you can see stats the old way or the new way. I’m in the middle of reading a new book–Blogging for Writers by Writer’s Digest Books. Lots of WordPress information in there (as well as Blogger), so I’m finding it useful.

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    • Thanks for the input, Marcia. It’s funny, but when I click on My Sites and a menu pops down with a button to post from, it never occurred to me to bypass it and look for it in a second menu, hence my never using the Dashboard. I only even FOUND the dashboard by accident when looking for a way to change my header on Bookin’ It. (I like to change that one often, just for fun.) If I hadn’t wanted to do that, I would never have even discovered the dashboard menu at all, hidden as it is, “behind” the WP Admin button. Go figger! πŸ™‚ But I’m posting from it now, and will continue to do so as long as it lets me use the Classic Editor. Man, I hate that Beep, Beep, Boop! There have been days when I wanted to Bop, Bop, BLAM it! πŸ˜€

      Nice to see you today! Have a good one!

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