#ExcerptWeek #FindingHunter WIP by #MarciaMeara

It’s good to see these wonderful excerpts popping up. I’ve got another to post for a new member shortly, but first, here’s a little surprise. This is the “prologue” though it isn’t called that, from my current WIP, Finding Hunter. This is Book 2 of the Riverbend series, and those who have read Book 1, Swamp Ghosts, will know who the Hunter in question is. The book is in edit, currently, and we are working toward a September release date. So, without further ado, you can be the first to read the opening lines of Finding Hunter.

The Traveling Man

Dawn, August 1, 2013 

EVERYTHING WAS PAIN. Everything he felt, everything he remembered. Pain, and pain, and pain. His dreams echoed with sounds of agony, screams ricocheting through his head. Pain—and blood. Rivers of blood. Scarlet, coppery-scented puddles spreading in front of him.

He woke on his knees, vomiting in the grass. Afterward, he crawled back up onto the park bench, mouth sour, and head throbbing. Shivering, he tried to push the dreams away, but they weren’t ready to let him go.

He had done something bad. That was the problem. Worse than bad—something unthinkable. This crime was the root of all his dreams, and if only he could remember, he’d know what he needed to do next. But every time he tried to get it straight in his head, the screams would start again, followed by that God-awful, unrelenting pain.

As the day woke up around him, he huddled on the bench, with the smell of rotgut whiskey on his breath, and sledgehammers pounding inside his skull. He scrubbed at his eyes, as if that would wipe away the images of all that blood, and make the last echoes of those tortured screams disappear. It didn’t work.

There had to be a way to make it all end. When it came to him, he was surprised at the simplicity of the solution. Something—someone—needed to die. Fight fire with fire, blood with blood, pain with pain. Oh, yes. That was the answer.

Shuffling to his unsteady feet, he stumbled through the morning mist. He had no idea where he was—not even which state he was in, let alone the name of this little town—but he heard the unmistakable whoosh of cars speeding down a highway. In five minutes, he stood by the edge of the southbound lane, holding out his thumb. Instinct told him the direction to travel, and desperation kept him upright, as he waited for the ride that would take him where he needed to go.

His plan was simple. If death would bring an end to this pain, then someone was going to die.


6 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek #FindingHunter WIP by #MarciaMeara

  1. Reblogged this on Bookin' It and commented:

    #ExcerptWeek on #TheWriteStuff. Here’s a sneak peek at the prologue to my current WIP, “Finding Hunter,” the second book in the Swamp Ghosts/Riverbend series. Enjoy!


    • Thanks, Deb! It’s actually the most romantic book I’ve written, on some levels, but there’s a ton of human tragedy dumped into it. And I did this one backwards, for an experiment. Instead of waiting through 3/4 of the book before letting the couple get together, I started it right off with them, and THEN, after everything was looking soooo good…I dumped crap all over ’em. Because…EVIL. (That’s what my editor says I am! And she would know.) 😀 So, we’ll see how breaking away from the normal formula works. I hope well, since the guy in this book is a favorite of mine. I love him almost as much as Rabbit. 😀 (Nothing like loving your own characters, right? But I figure if I don’t, how will anyone else?) Glad the prologue interests you, Deb.

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      • I quite like that arrangement occasionally. I did pretty much the same with Desprite Measures – she starts with everything, and then has it all stripped away – classic riches to rags, so I’m told 😉
        Yes, that prologue definitely grabbed my attention.

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        • Good. I’m glad it isn’t too bizarre. I’ve read enough romantic suspense to know it isn’t common in that genre, but I want to try lots of things over the next couple of years, while I can still remember what words are. 🙂 And this seemed like a good way to go for this particular, slightly unusual, couple who have been in love with each other for years, though without either of them knowing how the other feels. So…it seemed natural when they figured it out that they would start their long-deferred relationship off by making up for lost time immediately. 😉

          OH, the prologue. I added it after I had finished Chapter 7, and realized my Beta readers all thought this was going to be a straight up cutesy romance. Wrong. I figured I’d better give a hint to troubles ahead with the prologue, so I didn’t lose readers who were looking for more than just feel-good romance. I think it helped. Thanks for your comments. And thanks for taking part in Excerpt Week, too. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s work, and was so happy to have you be part of it.

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