Excerpt Week | Seeking Solace

Marcia has encouraged us all to share excerpts from our works and seeing as she recently posted a wonderful 5 star review of my poetry collection, Seeking Solace, it seemed entirely appropriate to share one of the poems she mentioned as a favourite, entitled ‘Rise’.


Rise dear phoenix from the ashes
spread your wings and fly.
Wouldn’t they just love it
if you simply lay and die?

Little one, I’ll dry your tears
and bruises they shall heal.
For though they see the scars they make
they know not what we feel.

Be the light among the dark
and guide the lost ones home
to show we fight for what is right
and our hearts are ours to own.

So stand upon the rubble proud
for you are still alive.
It is not about the wounds we bear
but that we do still strive.

Seeking Solace is the most recent of my publications and features sixty poems on a range of subjects. You can find it on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Goodreads.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to reading everyone else’s excerpts.

13 thoughts on “Excerpt Week | Seeking Solace

  1. Thank you, Callum, for being the first to share with us this week. (GET ON THE STICK, YOU GUYS! 😀 ) I love this poem, so I’m especially glad it’s the one you chose. Feel free to share more of your poetry, or even excerpts from your novels. There’s no limit on what you can share this week, nor how often. Tweeting and sharing elsewhere right now, and PLEASE folks, share Callum’s work among your peeps. We’ll do the same for you when you post an excerpt. That’s the whole point!

    Thanks again, Callum! Lovely work, as always!

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