Happy Saturn’s Day!

Photographer Doug Little, Me, and Captain Jeanne Bell on the Naiad

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Got a call from a local newspaper this week, requesting a telephone interview. What a surprise, and what fun, too. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Hope the interviewer (very nice gal) was able to understand my Southernese. 🙂 She wanted a picture of me with  wildlife photographer Doug Little & Captain Jeanne Bell of the Naiad, the Eco-Tour Boat that goes out of Highbanks Marina nearly every day. (These are the good folks who inspired the main characters in my book, Swamp Ghosts.) Any excuse to go visit my friends on their boat is a happy thing for me, so I met them around mid-day, and we had a few good laughs taking pictures, and catching up a bit. Just thought I’d share.

Now, what are YOU guys up to this weekend? Anything exciting? Or resting and relaxing? Share! Pics are always good, too. And what’s new with your writing? Got a WIP going? Getting ready to do a promo we should know about? Let us hear from you! And above all, enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I’m going to!

5 thoughts on “Happy Saturn’s Day!

  1. What I’d give to be on a boat right about now. It’s so hot and humid… yuck! I do have some exciting news. Can’t share yet, but will soon. Oh, actually, I do have something I can share. I became a grandmother again last weekend. Another baby girl, Scarlet Willow Coletta, 7lb. 7oz., ten little fingers and ten little toes. Perfect!

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    • Awww, congratulations, Sue!! My female lead in Finding Hunter is named Willow, so you know I mean it when I say beautiful name. And no self-respecting southerner could help but love Scarlet. How many grandbabies do you have?

      It was beautiful…to LOOK at…on the river today, but about 92 and HOT. Humid is a given, too, down here. I couldn’t wait to get back inside the A/C. No more Meet the Author Eco Tours until cooler weather returns. 😀 Thanks for stopping by. We’ll be waiting for pictures of little Scarlet!

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      • I have two, Berlyn Rose, Scarlet’s sister, is one and a half. Yeah, they have their arms full now. Great for us, though! I have a pic of Scarlet on my FB. I think you’ll agree she’s beautiful. Of course, I’m not at all prejudice. 🙂

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