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Well, I’ve done it. I’ve delisted my books on D2D and as soon as that’s done going through at all the retailers, I’m going back into KDP Select. Three months is a short term commitment so you wouldn’t think this would be an especially angsty decision, but I think you need to be really careful about bouncing in and out of the other retailers too much. I doubt I’ll go wide again with these books until the series is finished in the spring of 2016.

So what’s your process for deciding whether or not to go Select? What factors do you consider?

12 thoughts on “Sound off on Select!

  1. I only have three works published, and one of those is with a small publisher, so I can’t vouch for what happens with that one. The other two consist of a short story and a short story collection. I actually like having both on Select because it allows me to do deals that will entice people to read the novel published with the publishing company.

    I’m also extremely busy, so not having to worry about multiple places is a big thing for me. Someone asked if I’d put my works on Smashwords, and I admitted I’d never thought of it, and I probably won’t any time soon.

    When I get ready to publish another series (this one self-published), I might look into D2D, but the truth is, I’ll probably see better results with Select because I can mark the first book in the series for free whenever I publish the sequels that fall under it. I don’t know. It’s something I plan to play around with in the future.

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  2. I have 3 books out so far, and by experimenting a bit I’ve found that the weakest seller does best in Select, while the other 2 are still selling a few copies a month on other platforms so I’m leaving them wide for the time being.
    I may revise this in the future, but for now that’s what seems to give me my best results.

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  3. I can’t offer an intelligent comment on this (though that doesn’t usually stop me πŸ˜€ ) because I’ve always been with Select. I think one of my main reasons is because I don’t have the time to figure out all the stuff that has to be done for each of the other markets. However…I told you this wouldn’t be intelligent…I’m not familiar with the term D2D. Is this a blanket type thing that does the listing with other markets for you?

    I have been thinking that as time goes by, I might branch out with my older books, but I’m not sure. I’m comfortable with how amazon works, being a devoted customer, myself, and I’m a real chicken at heart. I guess I’m still going with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule of thumb. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Jen. And you, too, Shegyes, and Deb. I’ll be interested in seeing what others think, as well.


    • By D2D I mean Draft2Digital and yes, you upload your file there and they push it out to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, and Inktera (and I’m sure I’m forgetting some). They skim a little off the top in exchange. A lot of people prefer to go direct with each retailer but I just find it easier to have only one place where I need to make changes or updates, etc.

      I recommend checking them out at I don’t know whether going wide is right for you or not, but you definitely shouldn’t let a concern that it’s a pain in the butt or complicated stop you from checking it out. It took me all of ten minutes to publish through them without any prior knowledge of how they work, and it’s incredibly easy.

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      • See, this is why I love this blog! It’s folks like you SHARING that make it so wonderful!! This is great to know, and if I decide to go wide with Wake-Robin Ridge, I’ll definitely check this out. A HUGE factor in my holding off was all the things I read about how each retailer had their own formatting and other issues, and that it took a long time. I stopped reading about it, and figured I’d study it another time. I will definitely check them out, and when the time comes, I’ll try them first.

        Thanks so much, Jen! As always, you ROCK!!! πŸ˜€


        • PS…I finished Peak of the Devil, and am desperately trying to get a review up for you. TOTALLY 5 stars!! Do you want me to review on Amazon, as well as Bookin’ It? I know you’ve expressed some concern about reviews from fellow writers.


          • Thanks so much for reading it, Marcia! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

            I’d be grateful for any reviews, anywhere you’d care to post them. Peak hasn’t got any yet. As far as Amazon is concerned, as you know I don’t post reviews up there at all anymore just as a blanket policy so I won’t have to worry over every one I post. I think it’s up to you if you’re comfortable posting reviews there or not. If you have any concerns whatsoever that it could get you into trouble, you of course shouldn’t do it. I’m not worried about being on the receiving end (as we are not family and have never even met ;)); I think the risk is more for you.

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            • I’m not really worried, Jen. Other than emails, and enjoying each other’s books, we don’t really know each other at all, and I think amazon would be hard-pressed to say otherwise. πŸ™‚ I bought the book when it came out, so it’s a verified purchase, too. I AM going to give it 5-stars, though, because anything else would be untrue. Your series is unique and interesting, and filled with well-developed and intriguing characters, and your writing is very strong. It EARNED the 5 stars I’m going to give it. And I will find a way to get it done TODAY! πŸ™‚


  4. I pulled most of my books out of Select a couple of months ago since it was mandatory for the box set I’m taking part in. And boy have I regretted it! Hopefully the box set sales will make up for it, but lack of borrows has made my books plummet off the bestseller lists. As a result, I pulled the prequel short story out of wide distribution recently and put it back in Select, and the other new short story I added to the series also went in Select. Once the third novel book is out and I set the first novel free, I’ll make a decision on whether the novels stay wide or go back to Select. (The box-set is a limited time, so I can do what I want after this summer.)

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    • These decisions are all so complicated, Aimee! I was wondering how you were faring with the wider distribution. Sorry it hasn’t worked as well as you wanted. I find I get a lot of borrows, too, and missing that would definitely make a difference in my dollar amounts, unless things really took off with other retailers. I think I’ll stay where I am for a bit longer, anyway, and watch how things go as I add more books.

      Since I’ve been doing my local stuff, my online sales have picked up, as well. Some of the folks I meet buy one signed book from me, then end buying the others on amazon, or they meet me, want to read the books, but prefer eBooks, anyway. So that’s helped. Plus it has been so much fun, and I always come home after an event, inspired and full of confidence. But not enough of it to leave Select for now.

      Thanks for letting us hear from you. You’ve been missed! πŸ™‚


        • Like so many of the good folks here, you ROCK, Aimee! Keep on writing. I’m pretty sure that’s the #1 thing you can do to build sales. I know it has put me behind on everything, including my reading, which amounts to about 20 minutes a night, now. 😦 But on the positive side, I’m down to the last 6 or 7 chapters of Finding Hunter, so hoping to have that in edit by June 1. During my forced convalescence at the end of July, I expect to catch up on a LOT of books I’m behind on. Fingers crossed.

          Post when you can. We all understand about the RLI’s…Real Life Interruptions. There are only so many hours in a day, and prioritizing is difficult. I’m sure glad you weighed in on this, though. Thanks!


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