What Are You Going to Read?

Just for fun…anyone saving something great to read for a special time?

Bookin' It


Yep, that’s what I asked…what are you going to read? What’s next in your To Be Read pile? Or by any chance, do you, like me, have a few extra special book treats you’ve been holding to one side to disappear into when you have some reading time that’s likely to be uninterrupted for a while? I’ve had several books that I’m DYING to read, but haven’t started on because I just didn’t want to keep getting pulled out of them by work, chores, or Life, in general. I kept telling myself to go ahead and start on them, because such a sweet stretch of uninterrupted time wasn’t likely to happen. But guess what? It IS going to happen. Sort of.

In late July–not really as far away as it sounds–I’m having foot surgery done on my left foot, involving several issues, to include putting in a steel pin, which…

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Going to Read?

  1. I have several books on my kindle I’m committed to reading for review, but for myself, I want to find uninterrupted time to read:
    the rest of Kim Harrison’s Hollows series (I’m up to no.6)
    start Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series
    read my lovely paperback of Swamp Ghosts!

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    • Oh, you should definitely start with your lovely paperback! Hahaha. Seriously, you do have to read The Hollows series. It’s fun, though there are things in it I wasn’t fond of. (It takes a lot to make me dislike vampires but most of these are sickening.) But the good stuff is loads of fun, and there are characters I adored. I’m glad I stuck with it to the end.

      However, having said that, for my money, there is no better Urban Fantasy series out there than The Dresden Files. Harry Dresden is absolutely my all-time favorite Wizard Extraordinaire. When I think back to the very first book…amusing and loaded with potential as it was…I would never have imagined how fantastic the world building would become over time, and how much I would enjoy Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. He is just the BEST, and Jim Butcher amazes me. But dang…I NEED the new book! The stretches in between are getting longer and longer.

      Yeah, The Dresden Files gets my vote as the place for you to start. It has every single thing good Urban Fantasy should have. And a snarky, self-effacing, adorable hero, too. *going off now to wave my wizardly wand around and yell “Forzare!” and “Fuego!” and other incendiary terms!* 😀

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        • What I love most about Harry, besides his humor, is that he tries so hard to do the right thing, no matter what it costs him personally. And yet he never seems goody-goody about it. He’s just…admirable. I want him for my best friend. Everyone needs a Wizard for their best friend. 😉

          Let me know what you think of it, once you start reading. The series just builds and builds, getting better with every book. Maybe I’ll re-read THAT while I’m recuperating, too. 😀 Heck, I’ll have so many good things to read, I won’t want to get well! 😀

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